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Ron Paul finishes 2nd in Nevada Caucus

Ron Paul finishes 2nd in Nevada Caucus


January 19, 2008 – To the chagrin of the corporate news media, especially Fox News, Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul finished in 2nd place in today’s Nevada Republican Caucus.


Mitt Romney won the Nevada contest.  John McCain finished in 3rd place followed by Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee.  Rudy Giuliani finished last, again. 


As with CNN and MSNBC, Fox News has provided daylong coverage of the Nevada Caucuses – both Democratic and Republican.  Hillary Clinton won the Democratic contest, followed by Obama, and Edwards. 


Throughout the afternoon as the Nevada results were coming into Fox News, the brood of political propagandists continued to announce the names of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place candidates on the Democratic side as all three candidates pictures appeared on the television screen.  Fox News storyteller, Brian Wilson, had no problem announcing the names of “Clinton, Obama, and Edwards”. 

But whenever the screen flashed the pictures of the top three Republicans in Nevada, Romney, Paul, and McCain, Wilson would only mention that Romney won Nevada.  Because Paul was in second place, Wilson would not mention the second or third place finishers.  The bias is glaring and obnoxious. 


When Paul has a success, the Fools at Fox as well as the rest of the corporate media apparatus have to develop and spew mitigating factors.  CNN was the first to point out that Paul’s success in Nevada was only because he ran television ads in the state, while McCain, Thompson, Huckabee, and Giuliani did not. 


With the South Carolina Republican Primary, the First in the South primary, taking place today also, the Fools at Fox have quickly moved from talking about the Nevada outcome, because they do not like the outcome, and began to solely discuss the South Carolina contest. 


Nevada is already old news for the corporate media, and South Carolina will prove a tough test for Paul.  If Paul doesn’t do as well in the Palmetto State as he did in Nevada, expect the corporate media to emphasize any poor showing disproportionately to any mention of his strong finish in the Silver State. 


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