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Ron Paul packs the house in Charleston

Ed Haas

Ron Paul packs the house in Charleston

December 2, 2007 – On Tuesday, November 27, 2007 republican presidential candidate Congressmen Ron Paul made a campaign stop in Charleston, South Carolina.  Paul had a full day of campaign events to include numerous media interviews, a speech at the College of Charleston, and a huge evening rally at Patriots Point. 

Media coverage of Congressman Paul in Charleston was much better than it would have been a few short months ago.  Paul’s phenomenal fundraising efforts and rising poll numbers have made it more difficult for the corporate media to ignore his message of authentic liberty and freedom – although some of the local media such as Charleston’s daily newspaper, the Post & Courier, seem content on attempting to diminish the Paul candidacy rather than just providing equal and fair coverage of all the presidential candidates to its readers. 

Post & Courier reporter

Robert Behre

For example, Post & Courier reporter Robert Behre wrote an article about Paul’s participation in the College of Charleston Bully Pulpit Series.  Over 400 students attended this event.  Behre’s bias mimicked much of what the corporate media has been saying about Paul.  Behre couldn’t simply write College of Charleston students flock to see GOP candidate.  He had to write, “College of Charleston students flock to see long-shot GOP candidate”.  Without a single primary held, without a single vote cast, to continue to refer to Ron Paul as a long-shot is purposeful contamination of the electoral process. 

Behre, and compromised reporters like him, point to the corporate political polls to justify labeling Paul as a long shot.  However, the polls are skewed from the outset and are no better a barometer of public support for any candidate then Rudy Giuliani is of predicting terrorist attacks. 

Even Paul supporters shouldn’t get too excited by corporate poll results, whether conducted by Zogby, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, or the Wall Street Journal.  These polls have no value, even though the promoters of the results go to great length to convince the end users of the data that it is reliable and not pushed.  The fact is that all political polls are push polls to varying degrees – no matter what those responsible for the polling claim.  All the so-called reliable polling sources are now engaged in political telemarketing masquerading as a polling.  If Behre is relying on them to justify calling Ron Paul a long shot, he is desperate, distracted, and detached. 

In the Post & Courier piece, Behre also could not resist writing that Ron Paul “favors phasing out the Federal Reserve and safety-net programs including Social Security.”  To refer to Social Security as a safety net program demonstrates Behre’s willingness to deceive his less than informed and dependant readership.  Social Security is not a safety net for everyone.  For many Americans, it is the illegal and uninvited confiscation of 7.5 percent of their weekly income.  Given the opportunity to opt out immediately, millions of Americans would.  Thomas Jefferson was right when he said, "The man who reads nothing is more educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." 

The fact that the only local television station, NBC affiliate WCBD-TV 2, provided any meaningful coverage of the Ron Paul campaign stop in Charleston further demonstrates the bias of local stations, ABC affiliate WCIV-TV 4 and CBS affiliate WCBC-TV 5. 

Fred Thompson - 11/24/07 - Click for larger view.

Alex's Restaurant - Mt. Pleasant, SC

When Fred Thompson visited Charleston on October 24, 2007, WCBC-TV 5 provided a 2:00 minute segment covering his campaign stop.  Thompson makes a habit of stopping at events and locations were the public would have been anyway, such as gun shows and restaurants.  This is a tactic that helps him milk the appearance of larger public support than what he would generate at a stand-alone event.  While visiting Alex’s Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, Thompson drew at best, 50 supporters.  There’s no telling how many of the people pictured in the restaurant were actually ambushed by the Thompson camp. 

What’s clear is that the Thompson crowd was miniscule when compared to the Ron Paul support that showed up at the Omar Shrine Temple on Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant, SC a month later.  It must be noted that nobody at the Omar Shrine Temple was an innocent bystander that got engulfed by a presidential campaign while enjoying a sweet tea with some pulled pork. 

Ron Paul - 11/27/07 - Click for larger view.

Omar Shrine Temple - Mt. Pleasant, SC

The supporters that showed up at the Omar Shrine Temple on November 27, 2007 were there for one reason, and one reason only – to hear the message and show their support for the man they hope will be the next President of the United States of America.  If Ron Paul had no supporters, he would have been left standing in an empty auditorium.  If Fred Thompson had no supporters, he still would have been in a normally crowded restaurant. 

Ron Paul - 11/27/07 - Click for larger view.

Omar Shrine Temple - Mt. Pleasant, SC

Congressman Paul has already raised $10.4 million this quarter on top of the $5.3 million he raised last quarter.  He is on pace to raise over $15 million this quarter, an amount which could land him on top of all other republicans presidential candidates for 4th quarter fundraising. 

The corporate news media calls him a long shot.  If they would had bothered attending the Omar Shrine Temple rally along with the Muckraker Report, they would have discovered that Dr. Paul is a hot shot on a meteoric rise! 

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