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It's a dirty job, but somebody has got to do it!
My Encounter with Senator Bill Nelson

Samm Simpson

My Encounter with Senator Bill Nelson


November 3, 2007 -- Last weekend I happened to see Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) at the state Democratic Party convention in Orlando, Florida. The Saturday evening dinner finale - which I did not attend - had been in progress for fifteen minutes.  I had been walking down an empty hallway when I spotted Senator Nelson attempting to enter the festivities through a side door.  He was alone, as was I. 


What follows is the exchange that followed this chance encounter with the senior Democratic Senator from Florida.


“Senator Nelson, you know our occupation in Iraq has led to the death of over one million Iraqis. What are you going to do about this? We are controlled by what General Eisenhower told us about, the Military Industrial Complex.  It’s here!”


The Senator says, “Yes it is.”  He walks away from the door. I follow.


“What are you going to do about it, and what about nuclear weapons in space?  We have criminals running our country Senator Nelson.  They should be impeached!”


The Senator smiles, commences a walk down the hall as he states, “We can't impeach the President, look who’d we get.”


“I'm not talking about impeaching the President. Dennis Kucinich has a bill, H.R. 333 that will impeach Vice President Cheney.  Why won’t you support that?”


The Senator chuckled.  He does not stand still for one moment during this discourse. “Why are you laughing, this nation is in trouble!”


He dismisses my concern, does a 180-degree turn in the opposite direction and while walking away, suggests, “We’re on the same side.”


He leaves, still on the hunt for a back door entrance into the Saturday evening events.  I raise my voice.


“We are not on the same side, you signed the Military Commissions Act last October, and you took away the writ of habeas corpus!”


The senior Florida Senator disappears.  I'm assuming he found an open door leading to the Saturday night dinner at the Florida Democratic Party State Convention.  I’ll bet they praised his presence.


Meanwhile, Baghdad burns.  The Constitution lies forgotten.


“We the People” are discounted.

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