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Liars - Then and Now

Samm Simpson

Liars - Then and Now


July 29, 2007 - Brasscheck TV contains a treasure trove of must see videos, sharing critical information on everything from our use of depleted uranium, the floods in New Orleans, election fraud and 9/11 building explosions.  Last week, I received an email containing a link to 1980's Bill Moyers Special Report on the Iran-Contra scandal.


The video is an expose on the lies, greed, and mercenaries, war profiteers and, as Moyers states, "Super Patriots" who put themselves above the law, subverting the Constitution during Reagan's presidency.  The video includes clips of Oliver North and Elliot Abrams testifying – and telling the truth – about their role in Iran-Contra.  They actually admitted to breaking the law - a remarkable contrast in comparison to the outright perjury falling from the lips of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.


But Moyers goes further.  He details the dark beginnings of the shadow government starting after World War II with the importation of Nazi scientists through Operation Paperclip, the creation of the National Security Act of 1947, which birthed the CIA. This same act forged a realignment of U.S. military, intelligence and foreign policy, as well as our participation in the overthrow of democratically elected officials: Mohammad Mossadegh, 1953 in Iran and Jacobo Arbenz, 1954 in Guatemala.


Additional interventions in Viet Nam and Chile are documented.  And convicted liars are recalled, including retired Navy Admiral John Poindexter and Oliver North, former National Security Council staffer at the White House.  The Moyers’ documentary also details the crimes of former Nixon Attorney General John Mitchell as well as Elliot Abrams  - who currently acts as deputy National Security Advisor to President Bush.  Mr. Abrams was convicted of lying to Congress in 1991 during the Iran-Contra scandal.  Bush’s father pardoned him.


Bill Moyer asks the question, "Can we have a perpetual warfare state and still have a democracy?"   Keep in mind this video was produced nearly thirty years ago. Fast forwarding to 2007.  I see a tragic, yet predictable outworking of the seeds of greed and tyranny, secrecy and lies planted long ago - a sickening seed in the heart of some men and women that can corrupt absolutely and completely, blinding these people to lust after power at any cost.


Some people, many in politics, are consumed by an insatiable greed - greed so great that it murders if necessary.  This defect, this stain in their character, bears witness to their need to repent – mentally, physically, and spiritually, to turn from their materialistic, spoiled stubborn ways so that they can witness the truth.


Until then, it’s up to us to reject the lies and the liars who tell them.  It’s up to us to expose the misery of our secret government. It’s up to us to wrestle this great nation back into the hands of the rightful owners – “we the people.”  It’s up to us to sound the alarm.

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