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And then there's presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul

Ed Haas

And then there’s presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul


May 15, 2007 – What will the fools at Fox do about Ron Paul tonight?  In a few hours, the neo con mockingbirds, Bret Hume, Chris Wallace, and Wendell Goler will perform fascist lap dances for the self-proclaimed republican presidential candidates to see if Fox can give rise to the biggest dick within the Republican Party.  That will be their man!  If he represents oppression, bloodletting, deception, trickery, debauchery, corruption, and most importantly, totalitarianism – that’s the candidate for the neo con!  Best for liberty – real liberty - not adulterated by fascist, totalitarian pigs "liberty" – isn’t a prerequisite for the neo cons masquerading as republicans for sure.  To be certain, being a real republican and being a neo con are absolute opposites.  Check it out. 


Certainly, Columbia’s Koger Center, where the FOX debate will be televised, will reek of open ass in no time tonight.  It’s going to be a real warmongering cesspool alright in which most of the neo con picks, with their naughty parts all tingly and engorged, will engage in a political party orgy that would have made Sodom and Gomorrah blush.  And to think Jerry Farwell will miss it.  Pity. 


And then there’s Ron Paul.  MSNBC ran an online poll for viewers to vote on which candidate won the first Republican Party debate held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on May 3, 2007.  The first debate was hosted by Chris Matthews and televised by MSNBC.  I imagine that the designers of the MSNBC online poll anticipated that the poll results would be able to be used to further the corporate n_ws (I just cannot refer to what these corporate pimps do - as news - any longer) media’s promotion of the idea that the three frontrunners on the republican ticket are Giuliani, McCain, and Romney.  However, the poll results paint a much different picture. 


I have followed the MSNBC poll since May 3, 2007, the day it was launched.  Congressman Ron Paul has been the frontrunner in this poll from beginning to end. 


As of today, with 91,089 votes, Congressman Ron Paul has a favorability rating of 42%.  His closest rival is Mitt Romney with a favorability rating of 26%.  Giuliani is polling at 22%.  Next is McCain at 18%. 


Congressman Ron Paul also has the lowest unfavorable rating at 24%.  Romney’s unfavorable rate is 38%.  Giuliani is at 43% and McCain’s unfavorable rating is 45%. 


Clearly, Congressman Ron Paul won the first Republican Party debate based on public opinion.  So why haven’t you heard about this from the corporate n_ws?  They say because the poll is not scientific – that perhaps a few dozen Ron Paul supports voted a few thousand times each.  That is exactly what ABC n_ws suggested in its May 7, 2007 article titled The Ron Paul Effect.  You’ll note that ABC n_ws selected a less than favorable image of Congressman Paul to accompany its article.  This was not done by mistake.  It’s premeditated smear.  The fools at Fox will do the same, along with all the other pimps within the corporate n_ws cartel, if Ron Paul’s grassroots team continues to flourish across this nation. 


What Rick Klein, the ABC reporter that wrote the smear piece on Paul, failed to report to his readers, and for this reason alone he should never have any readers again, is that the MSNBC poll was set up to prohibit a few dozen supporters of any candidate from voting thousands of times.  The MSNBC poll was significantly more scientific than the other online polls.  The only way a supporter could vote thousands of times for the same candidate would be to have access to thousands of computers and go to each computer and vote.  Once an IP Address was recorded as having voted on the MSNBC poll, the vote page no longer appears on that particular computer.  One vote, per one computer is the way it was set up.  That suggests that ABC n_ws has been less than honest with its audience – does it not? 


The likelihood of the MSNBC poll having a few thousand votes cast by a single supporter is extremely remote and ABC reporter Rick Klein must know it – unless he produced his article off of some editors “talking points” and did zero research on his own.  Either way, his story stinks because it is presented as news, but amounts to propaganda. 


MSNBC is no better either.  Not once has it reported on its poll other than jokingly, immediately after the debate on May 3rd when Keith Olbermann reported that according to the MSNBC poll, Congressman Ron Paul won the debate – ha ha. 


Pay particular attention tonight to the FOX questions to Ron Paul.  The lap dancers will either ask him meaningless questions, or attempt to smear him without providing fair time to respond.  Perhaps they will just limit his time, period.  Also watch the online polls and see if results mirror the n_ws coverage.  Surely, they will not.  


As a primer, watch the following best seven minutes of the last Republican Presidential Candidate debate and then ask yourself – Am I going to allow the corporate pimps parading as news sources tell me who the frontrunners are or am I going to vote for the best possible candidate for President of the United States? 


I’m voting for Ron Paul - a real Republican. 


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Ron Paul: May 3, 2007 Debate

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