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Who Controls The President's Mind?

Sam Simpson

Who Controls The President’s Mind? 


May 8, 2007  - With our government acting with such ferocious illogic to the general welfare of the United States, Iraq and the world at large, I’ve often wondered what else is driving this death and destruction.  What is behind raw rampant greed and power?  Is there a rational key to understanding the devastating choices of this President?  Surely, there must be more than simply living in a bubble or apocalyptic, dominion theory faith. Rational, clear thinking individuals do not kill or displace millions and call it "progress."  Rational, clear thinking public servants would not have refused global assistance during Katrina.  Healthy adult behavior does not include constant fear mongering, nor show increased confidence in an Attorney General Attorney General who either feigned ignorance or is void of reasonable discourse.


The lists of serious deficiencies seem endless. Billions wasted on Iraqi reconstruction, Katrina and Homeland Security.   Just writing the name "Homeland Security" sends shivers up my spine. I'm livid about other items:  Torture. Extraordinary Rendition. Veterans Care.  A military at the breaking point. Millions without health care. The North American Union.

Chairman Henry Waxman is the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government.  Refer to this list of investigations into the irrational, illogical, illegal and dangerous practices of this administration.  


If the decision-making process isn't logical, practical, reasonable, secure or rational, what is it?   Pathological?  Delusional?  What about evil?


I was recently riveted by a book entitled "Access Denied", by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips. The material is explosive and not for children.  This book contains stories concerning experiences as a mind-controlled operative of the trauma based CIA mind control MK Ultra program.  It is a frightening, illuminating and deeply disturbing look at an underbelly of political power.


Here's a video of Cathy and her husband, Mark Phillips where they discuss their first book, Trance-formation of America. This is not an easy to watch.  Decide for yourself whether these claims are credible.


These are urgent times.   Truth sets us free.   And it will be the truth that will destroy the contemptible foundations of this Administration.


Many of us with children and families and jobs and businesses suspected, but couldn’t comprehend these current events that had been looming and planning for decades.  But we can see it now.  And we must do all in our power to resist.  Citizens just like you are outraged and becoming engaged. April 28, 2007 was deemed National Impeachment Day by a coalition of activist groups.  President Bush spoke in Miami that day, and a couple dozen folks from Pinellas County drove south to join the protest.


I produced an eight-minute video that puts you there.


Every so often, I am overwhelmed at the weight of times and what we must do.  Yet, I will not stand silent. I will not acquiesce. I will uphold and defend the truth, and seek it - whatever the consequences may be. To do less would be to dishonor those who have given all to provide freedom of thought to this great nation.


I trust you will do the same.  For our children's children, and beyond.

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