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A Message from Congressman Ron Paul

Ed Haas

A Message from Congressman Ron Paul


March 18, 2007 -- Who is the best presidential candidate?  Who has a proven track record of unwavering dedication to the principles of liberty and freedom in a constitutional context?  Who has the voting record that absolutely supports his beliefs – that remains untainted by powerful lobbyists that have already tainted the integrity of ALL other 2008 presidential candidates?  Who opposes the North American Union, the Federal Reserve banking cartel, and the current police state?


If you have yet to take the time to learn everything possible about Congressman Ron Paul, I beg of you that you take the time now.  If you still hold out hope for a peaceful restoration of our lost constitutional republic, Congressman Ron Paul could be our last chance to avert the inevitable crossing of swords with the federal government if we do not rise up and do something different – now!  http://www.ronpaulexplore.com/


Please watch and listen carefully to this message from Congressman Ron Paul.

Congressman Ron Paul for President

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