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AIPAC thwarts attempt to prevent war with Iran

Ed Haas

AIPAC thwarts attempt to prevent war with Iran


March 14, 2007 – In my February 16, 2007 article - The Approaching War with Iran: Part III[1], I explained that President Bush already has the legal cover to launch attack[s] against Iran, without seeking additional congressional approval. 


The fact that Bush currently has the legal cover to invade Iran is further validated by the now abandoned effort of Democratic leaders to include in the current military spending bill a requirement that President Bush gain approval from Congress before moving against Iran.[2]  Such a provision would not be necessary if Bush did not already have the authorization and legal cover to invade Iran. 


According to ABC News (See footnote 2), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other leaders agreed to remove the requirement concerning Iran after conservative Democrats as well as other lawmakers worried about its possible impact on Israel. 


It’s possible impact on Israel?  You must be kidding me Madam Speaker.  What about the possible impact on the United States?  What about the impact on our men and women in uniform and their families?  What about the impact on our national debt?  What about the impact on the people of Iran and the Middle East?  These are of no concern to Pelosi apparently.  She is only interested in preserving her political career, as is the case with the overwhelming majority of politicians in the U.S. Congress.  And these politicians each understand that to protect their political careers – they must serve Israel first via the Israel Lobby in the United States – and not necessarily the interests of the American people. 


I’ve known for quite a while now that Congress is comprised of Israel apologists that bow to the Israel Lobby and take orders from one of the most dangerous organizations in this nation – The America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), an organization that does have the power to destroy the political careers of men and women that don’t tow the Israel first, Israel forever line.  However, I guess I held out hope that there was limit to the AIPAC influence – that there was an American line that the U.S. Congress would not cross, such as invading Iran for Israel.  Shame on me for having hope, all of which is now completely gone. 


Clearly, loyalty to Israel trumps loyalty to the United States on Capitol Hill.  How AIPAC has gained this level of control in the U.S. Congress and the political process in the United States demands an independent investigation.  If conducted thoroughly, the American people would quickly discover how AIPAC uses tactics against our elected officials, on behalf of a foreign government, Israel, that amount to extortion – if not espionage.  The American people need to let their elected officials in the U.S. Congress know that “we know” that they are AIPAC puppets, and advice them to cut the strings and fast, or else. 


On the same day that Democrats removed the requirement regarding Iran from their military spending bill, Nancy Pelosi received scattered boos[3] when she addressed 5000 to 6000 AIPAC members at their annual meeting.  Americans need to also insist that their elected officials stop attending AIPAC events!


According to The Hill piece, the 6000 AIPAC members in Washington DC for the annual meeting that ended yesterday, intended to lobby individual lawmakers for tougher sanctions on Iran, which AIPAC views as a growing threat to Israel.  Of course, when sanction fail, as they will, AIPAC members will covertly begin to lobby for war as they did regarding Iraq.  Many AIPAC members are already, unofficially, calling for the United States to strike targets in Iran on behalf of Israel. 


There is no mention of Iran being a threat to the United States, but that doesn’t really matter does it?  Iraq was no threat to the U.S. either, but it was a threat to Israel – one of the many twisted real reasons for the Iraq invasion and occupation.  Now that Iraq is no longer a threat to Israel, the next target is Iran, then Syria, then Lebanon again, then whichever country emerges as the next military threat to Israel – real or fancied – it is an endless precession of perpetual crisis for the self-chosen, isn’t it?  I wonder what they have done to deserve all this hatred, don’t you?  Is it possible that they are truly innocent and peaceful victims, as they love to claim, without playing a role in their own chaotic existence?  Is it fair to ask why the Zionist State is despised by so many and barely tolerated by others with only the United States as its strong ally?  Isn’t it time to be critical of Israel with so many Americans dying on its behalf?


What Pelosi said to the AIPAC traitors that lust for the blood of others as long as they don’t have to bleed themselves was that the Iraq War had to be judged on three accounts: whether it makes the United States safer, the United States military stronger, and the Middle East more stable.  She said, “The war in Iraq fails on all three accounts.”  After making this statement, the report is that some of the AIPAC brood of vipers offered polite applause that was then met with catcalls and boos. 


The provision the Democrats had in the military spending bill regarding Iran was vital to the national interest.  Bush / Cheney are more dangerous now then at any other time during their administration because they now have nothing left to lose.  AIPAC operatives clearly pressured Pelosi and her associates into dropping the provision aimed at thwarting the Bush / Cheney plan to bomb Iran on behalf of Israel before they leave office. 


She and her fellow Democrats did so at the expense of the American people.  Isn’t this treason and if so, why don’t acts of treason matter any longer in America? Oh, I forgot, it’s acceptable to weaken or destroy the United States so long as we’re doing it for Israel.  

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