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South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham's Indecent Exposure

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s Indecent Exposure


January 25, 2007 – In the January 19, 2007 edition of Charleston, South Carolina’s daily newspaper The Post and Courier, appeared a headline story titled Sen. Lindsey Graham talks in depth on Iraq.  The piece was written as a question and answer (Q&A) style article with Post & Courier reporter Robert Behre asking the questions. 


Before considering the comments Senator Graham offered to the Post & Courier, it is important to bear in mind that the South Carolina Republican Party primary is known as the First in the South, and approximately one year away.  Although a firm date has not been selected, it has been suggested that this upcoming primary election could be held as early as January 29, 2008.


Graham has already made known his support for Senator John McCain.  Republican state lawmakers such as State Speaker of the House Representative Bobby Harrell have also announced their support of McCain as the Republican candidate for President of the United States.  Vice President Dick Cheney and Karl Rove have been to South Carolina in recent months and have taken part in private meetings held in private residences in which no press coverage was provided.  It is suspected that Cheney and Rove will support John McCain’s bid for the Whitehouse. 


It is clear that key powerbrokers in the failing neo-conservative movement have already decided to back Senator John McCain and want to ensure a early primary victory for the Arizona Senator in South Carolina.  Therefore political maneuvering and paving the way for McCain in South Carolina is already underway.  Consequently, it should come as no surprise that Senator Lindsey Graham granted this early interview with the Post & Courier so that he could sing the McCain song on Iraq to South Carolina voters.  Its politics plain and simple; a factor that should be considered when evaluated the positions Graham expressed regarding Iraq during his interview with the Post & Courier. 


Of course this emerging support for McCain in the Palmetto State is an insult to South Carolina voters because through the Christian Coalition, these same politicians that are now supporting McCain, worked overtime in 2000 to warn religious conservatives and the rest of South Carolina about Senator John McCain who was running against then Texas Governor George W. Bush. They even went so far as to question McCain’s mental stability by suggesting that his years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam might have made him mentally unstable.   Now, eight years later, we’re going to be asked to vote for him.  Lindsey Graham needs to look long and hard at the hypocrisy in all of this.  One thing is for certain; South Carolina voters are not as easily manipulated as Graham thinks! 


The aforementioned background is important when considering Graham’s remarks to the Post & Courier.


When asked about President Bush’s new strategy of sending more troops into Iraq and whether the United States was ‘about to make its biggest decision in Iraq since the war began, Graham said, I think this is probably the most important decision we’ve made not only since the Iraq war began but since 9/11.  It’s now the central battlefront in the war on terror.  Not only is it an important decision due to past mistakes, but failure will make the next decisions increasingly hard. 


It is utterly amazing that Senator Lindsey Graham and the majority of the U.S. Congress continue to reference 9/11 as if the majority of the U.S. population believes what the government has told them about the tragic events of that fateful day.  The American people simply do not.  Poll after poll after poll indicates that at least half of the U.S. population believes that the government has not been honest about how or why 9/11 happened.  Consequently, when Graham talks about sending more troops into Iraq while invoking 9/11, his comments are dismissed immediately by half the population. 


If in the court of public opinion the jury is still out on 9/11, which it is, then support for the ‘global war on terror’, the invasion or Afghanistan, and Iraq, is impossible.  If you believe that the government has lied about 9/11, it simply is impossible to believe in the war on terror.  This is the state of the union, but Graham continues to speak of 9/11 as if the U.S. government had no articulable prior knowledge of the impending attacks when there remains a plethora of prosecutable evidence that substantiates the complete opposite; that many key players within the federal government had all the actionable intelligence required to thwart the attacks, but failed to take action.  At minimum, those people within the Bush Administration that had prior knowledge of the events and failed to sound the alarms are guilty of felony criminally negligent homicide. 


Graham also continues to use the dangerously ambiguous tag line, “central battlefront in the war on terror”.  Of all the mistakes the American people made after the government failed to prevent, or actually let 9/11 happen, allowing the Bush Administration to declare war on an emotion; terror, was the biggest!  The war on terror can never be won.  There will never be a day when we wake up to the headlines, War on Terror Won!  No more Terror!  Graham has to know this. 


South Carolina voters should reject the usage of this propaganda-style tag line and demand that Graham speak in specific terms such as ‘military operations against al-Qaeda’ rather than unspecified targets such as ‘terror’.  South Carolina voters now understand clearly that by allowing the federal government to run amuck under the endless umbrella of ‘fighting the war on terror’ we have co-signed the blank check that has cost us dearly in liberty, privacy, tax dollars, and blood.  Graham needs to wake up to the fact that in the November 2006 elections, that blank check finally bounced.  We the people, even in red South Carolina, just are not buying the right-wing rhetoric as readily any longer. 


When asked how his thinking has evolved regarding Iraq, Graham said, the one thing that’s been consistent in my thinking is that the outcome in Iraq is part of a global struggle.  Success is Iraq is not confined to Iraq.  If we could pull off a functioning, stable government where ethnic and religious differences were tolerated and accepted, then it would clearly empower moderate movements all over the Middle East. 


As much as I’m certain that Lindsey Graham truly believes that his vision for the Middle East is noble, it defies reality while ignoring the foreign policy vision of our founding fathers.  See our founding fathers held the belief that America should not intervene in the internal affairs of other nations.  They also warned against the United States involving itself in foreign conflicts.  Graham will argue that the ‘war on terror’ trumps what the founding fathers meant by their vision of U.S. foreign policy, but does it apply in Iraq?  I’ve searched every newspaper archive I could find and have yet to discover anything that remotely suggests that Islamic extremists were blowing up car bombs and innocent Iraqi civilians in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. 


To the contrary, those radicals were held in check by the rule of Saddem Hussein.  If Iraq has been a central battlefront for anything these last three years eight months, it is only because the United States invaded.  In comparison to the current situation in U.S. occupied Iraq, under the rule of a dictator Iraq was a more peaceful nation then it is today.  Of course this was prior to Lindsey Graham voting for an unconstitutional pre-emptive invasion justified by knowingly fabricated and cherry-picked intelligence. 


As far as a functioning, stable government where ethnic and religious differences were tolerated and accepted in Iraq, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain while I park my purple flying pig for a moment so that I can pull this rabbit out of my ass.  How can Graham say such a thing with a straight face?  As long as Americans are on Iraqi soil, this will never, ever materialize.  Graham has to know this.  He also knows that the Shiite-Sunni divisions are beyond American understanding as well as the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.  What would be refreshing is if Lindsey Graham and the U.S. Congress would break the Israel Lobby yoke that binds them to continue pursuing Israeli objectives in the Middle East that are actually detrimental to the United States and accept that these types of ancient wounds simply are not America’s to heal. 


Last night during his State of the Union Address President Bush warned that failing in Iraq would be a catastrophe for the United States because the region would erupt in war.  This assertion, which Lindsey Graham also professes, has no merit whatsoever.  Clearly there would be an unfettered civil war and certain Iranian interference within Iraq if and when the U.S. completely withdraws its troops from Iraq. However, that doesn’t mean that it would be a catastrophe for the United States unless the U.S. is protecting assets in the region, which it is. 


The truth is that from 1980 until 1988 the United States had no problem with the Iran - Iraq War.  In fact, we provided material support to Iraq to fight the Iranians.  During the war, Iran experienced 500,000 killed or wounded, Iraq suffered 375,000 killed or wounded.  Not one politician suggested during the Iran – Iraq War that U.S. troops should join the battle.  Americans pretty much went about their business oblivious of this war some 7000 miles away so the notion that if both of these nations became battlefields the U.S. would somehow become less safe is pure speculation. 


So what’s at stake for the U.S. in Iraq?  Oil, big oil companies securing those highly sought after Production Service Agreements, maintaining U.S. dollar hegemony, and protecting Israel at the expense of the entire Middle East, the U.S. taxpayer, the working poor, and the American men and women in uniform.   


And Lindsey Graham knows it. 

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