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Muckraker Report Index: Iraq War

Iraq War

Haas: Unsecured Police Uniforms Remain a Security Risk in Iraq (3/9/08)

Haas: Names of Blackwater guards must be released (10/25/07)

Simpson: It's Bigger than Blackwater (10/9/07)

Murtagh: Turning the corner - GI resistance movement gains ground (9/12/07)

Haas: No matter the reasons we went to Iraq (8/2/07)

Osseiran: The Crime Behind the Criminal Wars! (5/9/07)

Osseiran: Slam Dunk! - Were the rats playing basketball? (5/5/07)

Murtagh: The "G nightmare:" Iraqi refugees seeking entry into U.S. must first return to Baghdad (2/25/07)

Haas: South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham's Indecent Exposure (1/25/07)

Haas: The only honorable way to exit Iraq (12/18/06)

Murtagh: Time to Face Reality: We Cannot Win in Iraq (11/22/06)

Osseiran: A Line Has Been Crossed In Iraq (10/16/06)

Haas: Recapping the War for Oil Program in Iraq (9/7/06)

Haas: Troops in Iraq: Should they stay or go, and who should decide? (12/1/05)

Haas: The liberation of the U.S. Dollar in Iraq (11/10/05)

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