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Muckraker Report Index: Federal Government

Federal Government

Osseiran: Sibel Edmonds - A Snap Shot that Speaks Volumes (4/28/08)

Spingola: Army Targets Southeast Colorado: Part I (4/18/08)

Arman: Islam in the Age of Extremism (4/10/08)

Haas: Chertoff is powerless in South Carolina for as long as South Carolina stands its ground (4/1/08)

Haas: Bush Administration desperate to hide what's behind door number 641A (2/17/08)

Osseiran: State of the Union or Presidential Graffiti (1/29/08)

Haas: H.R. 1955 misinformation spreads across the Internet (1/15/08)

Haas: AP Top Ten News Stories of 2007 - Neo Con Style (1/1/08)

Simpson: Suffering, Sacrifice and Truth (11/22/07)

Haas: In light of this Assault on our Financial Freedom (11/20/07)

Haas: Evansville FBI acknowledges Liberty Dollar raid (11/15/07)

Murtagh: Keith Olbermann's scathing special comment on water-boarding (11/6/07)

Simpson: My Encounter with Senator Bill Nelson (11/3/07)

Arman: On Propaganda and Islamophobia (10/20/07)

Haas: Condoleezza Rice ceases to perceive her deception, lies with sincerity (10/15/07)

Haas: Definition of anti-Semitism (10/1/07)

Biegalski: Martial Law (9/26/07)

Murtagh: Why is it assumed that Sgt. Karnia is a credible witness against Senator Craig? (9/2/07)

Haas: Census Bureau warns employees against speaking with the media (8/21/07)

Grigg: The Imperial Collapse (8/5/07)

Simpson: Liars - Then and Now (7/29/07)

Haas: Their treachery knows no season (7/20/07)

Simpson: Ye Shall Know the Truth (7/10/07)

Spingola: Coincidence or Conspiracy? Part 2 (6/8/07)

Simpson: No Questions Allowed (6/8/07)

Spingola: Coincidence or Conspiracy? Part I (6/4/07)

Simpson: Comey's Stunning Testimony (5/21/07)

Murtagh: Hannah Arendt - Home to Roost (5/14/07)

Spingola: Apply the Constitution - Impeach: Part II (5/12/07)

Spingola: Apply the Constitution - Impeach: Part I (5/10/07)

Osseiran: The Crime Behind the Criminal Wars! (5/9/07)

Simpson: Who Controls The President's Mind? (5/8/07)

Simpson: Subpoena Them All. (4/26/07)

Simpson: Why We Are Here (3/31/07)

Simpson: It's Almost Too Much (3/13/07)

Simpson: Tragic History. Future Hope. (2/27/07)

Haas: Subpoena Power, Congressional Hearings, and Special Counsel (11/7/06)

Murtagh: Shouldn't the New Yorker be doing its job, instead of blaming others for doing it badly? (10/19/06)

Murtagh: George W. Bush and Article 125.10 of the New York State penal code (10/8/06)

Haas: Bush Administration ignores fatwa once again (5/15/06)

Haas: It's time for Patriotic Americans to BOYCOTT the Phone Company (5/12/06)

Haas: As the world laughs behind Condoleezza Rice's back (4/4/06)

Haas: Did Capitol Police provoke Rep. McKinney? (4/1/06)

Haas: SC Congressman just crazy about Bush (3/27/06)

Haas: Dubai Ports Deal and Neal Bush (3/1/06)

Haas: King of American Imperialism Speaks (2/1/06)

Haas: Trying to uphold the individual liberties of Americans (12/29/05)

Haas: Let the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act expire (12/19/05)

Haas: The federal government needs to just go away (9/3/05)

Haas: Make Congress read the bills it passes (7/21/06)

Haas: Changing hearts and minds will not change one word of the Koran (7/18/05)

Haas: Understanding the Federal Income Tax Apparatus (8/27/04)

Haas: Airport and Airplane Security Issues (3/26/04)

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