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Muckraker Report Index: South Carolina

South Carolina

Haas: Chertoff is powerless in South Carolina for as long as South Carolina stands its ground (4/1/08)

Haas: Charleston Police Department trained with Blackwater USA (10/18/07)

Haas: No matter the reasons we went to Iraq (8/2/07)

Haas: The State shall not participate in the implementation of the federal REAL ID Act (6/6/07)

Haas: Is it really the intent of the SC General Assembly to eradicate terror through S.141? (3/5/07)

Haas: South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham's Indecent Exposure (1/25/07)

Haas: If you can't afford an attorney in Charleston County, don't expect a jury trial (3/15/06)

Haas: Playing politics with property taxes in South Carolina (2/11/06)

Haas: SC Safety Cartel fabricate false perception of public support for seatbelt law (1/12/06)

Haas: Untangling the South Carolina seat belt law (12/22/05)

Haas: Time Magazine "Governor rankings" good news for South Carolina (11/16/05)

Haas: "300 lives will be saved" claim doesn't add up (1/25/05)

Haas: Seat belt laws represent unabated tyranny (1/13/05)

Haas: South Carolina is thinking incorrectly about property taxes (10/12/05)

Haas: Where is the South Carolina Democratic Party? (9/14/05)

Haas: The philosophical flaw in the Sanford budget veto debate (5/24/05)

Haas: Seatbelt Syndrome is not a "hollow objection" (5/10/05)

Haas: Liberty Lost, It's a Balancing Act (10/30/04)

Haas: Is South Carolina promoting a religion? (10/13/03)

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