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Subpoena Power, Congressional Hearings, and Special Counsel

Subpoena Power, Congressional Hearings, and Special Counsel


November 7, 2006 – If the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives as a result of today’s elections, Americans need to immediately launch an aggressive letter writing campaign to the new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA 8th), requesting swift congressional hearings on the following topics:


        Bush Administration’s prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks

        Events of September 11, 2001

        Pre-war faulty intelligence that was used to justify invading Iraq, and whether the Bush Administration purposely misrepresented intelligence

        War profiteering

        Illegal wiretaps



There could be the need for additional hearings, but these six and separate congressional hearings are absolutely necessary to begin to restore public trust in the U.S. government.  We need the President, Vice-President, supporting cabinet members, and key personnel to testify under oath, in public, regarding these matters.  They need to be examined and cross-examined.  If they are caught in a lie, they must be charged, convicted, and punished for perjury.  If, through the diligent course of the congressional hearings, it is determined that there was prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, or that the pre-war intelligence leading up to the invasion of Iraq was purposely fabricated or manipulated, those responsible need to be criminally prosecuted. 


The window of opportunity is narrow to influence the congressional calling of these hearings.  However, if Nancy Pelosi receives 20,000 plus letters in the next sixty days that request these six separate and absolutely justifiable, congressional hearings, she might be compelled to respond to the will of the people.  If she does not take action, she’ll prove to be another Washington insider and part of the problem. 


If the Bush Administration is allowed to avoid these hearings, the American people will never learn the unadulterated truth regarding September 11th and the War in Iraq.  We the people must be adamant in our demand that these public hearings take place in the light of day!  No more hiding.  No more conniving.  No more secrets. 


Be ready.  Start writing.  And mail your letters repeatedly to:


Representative Nancy Pelosi

2371 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515-0508


Also fax your letters to her office.  (202) 225-8259


Do not delay.  And do not assume that others will do the heavy lifting for you.  Do your part and ask your friends to do the same. 

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