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Palestinian people should adamantly reject Rice rhetoric

Palestinian people should adamantly reject Rice rhetoric


October 25, 2006 – Secretary Condoleezza Rice was the Keynote Speaker at the American Task Force on Palestine Inaugural Gala held in Washington DC on October 11, 2006.  Her address was titled, Helping Palestinians Build a Better Future[1].  Her rhetoric was more of the same old lip service paid to the plight of the Palestinian people ever since the state of Israel erupted in Palestine on May 15, 1948.  


Rice, along with her band of neo con Zionist scary men and virtually the entire Democratic Party continue to refer to the oppression, occupation, and brutality inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israelis as the Palestinian-Israeli issue as if the two sides are arguing over profits derived from a sewage treatment plant.  She suggests that the United States and President Bush have a “deep conviction that the Palestinian people deserve a better life”.  She says that the “Palestinians should be able to live forever free of the daily humiliation of occupation”.  She proclaims “the creation of a Palestinian state, with territorial integrity, with viability, living side by side with the state of Israel, in peace and security, would indeed strengthen peace and security, not just in the region but the peace and security of us all”. 


While this flowery talk might sound pious to those smitten with the Zionism bug, coming from a Secretary of State that should actually be on trial for criminally negligent homicide as a result of her prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, along with the rest of the Bush Administration, it should be recognized by the Palestinian people as poisonous pedagogy, and adamantly rejected.


According to Rice, there are only three principles that Palestinians must accept in order for them to become a partner in peace.  The Palestinians must disavowal terror and violence, recognize Israel’s right to exist, and accept all previous agreements between the parties, including the Roadmap, which is the only internationally agreed-upon framework to create a Palestinian state.  The fact that the Palestinian people had little, or no voice in the building of the framework; the fact that the majority of Palestinians reject that framework, appears to be of little importance to Condoleezza Rice.  Intoxicated by the smell of her own perfume, Rice cannot possibly understand the plight of the Palestinians.  Until she sobers up, she too will remain in a state of denial.  And notice that the U.S. isn’t insisting upon three principles that the Israelis must also accept in order for peace in Palestine to prevail. 


On the surface, these three principles might sound reasonable to the distracted, delusional, and derelict.  However, logic dictates that they are destructive and deceptive because they ignore the history of the Palestinians and the atrocities committed by the state of Israel.  This is the crux of the problem regarding the U.S. foreign policy towards the state of Israel and the Palestinians.  The United States, distortedly influenced and often controlled by the mimicking abomination of desolation that is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is incapable of developing a truly fair policy regarding the Palestinian-Israeli issue because only those politicians, appointees, and policy makers with sworn allegiance to Zionism are granted access to the positions within the U.S. government that create or approve the policy in the first place. 


Many of the people that influence U.S. policy today, people like the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, are considered Israeli citizens by the state of Israel, which creates at minimum, a conflict of interest, as well as a legitimate concern regarding national loyalty.  Here’s a partial list of other people that call themselves “Jew”, some of which the state of Israel considers citizens, although neither these people, the U.S. State Department, nor the state of Israel will admit this dual-citizen status, that have or are influencing how the Bush Administration is working to help the Palestinians build a better future.  This partial list was obtained from the Jewish Virtual Library[2].


  1. Elliott Abrams – Director of the National Security Council’s Office for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations
  2. Jeffrey Berkowitz (2005-2006) - White House Liaison to the Jewish Community and then the Office of Presidential Scheduling
  3. Brad Blakeman – White House Director of Scheduling
  4. Josh Bolten – Chief of Staff
  5. Michael Chertoff – Head of Justice Department’s criminal division, now Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
  6. Ari Fleischer (2001-2003) – White House Press Secretary
  7. David Frum (2001-2002) – Speechwriter
  8. Blake Gottesman – President’s personal aide
  9. Jay Lefkowitz (2001-2004) – Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council
  10. I. Lewis Libby (2001-2005) – Chief of Staff to the Vice President
  11. Ken Mehlman – White House Political Director
  12. John Miller - Director, State Department Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
  13. Paul Wolfowitz (2001-2005) – Deputy Secretary of Defense
  14. Don Zakheim (2001-2004) – Undersecretary of Defense (Controller)

Obviously, each of these people passionately supports the state of Israel, so much so that they are blind to most every Israeli infraction against the Palestinians and surrounding Arab nations such as Lebanon. In the hearts and minds of these people running amuck in America, everything that Israel does is justified or pardonable.  It is this unwavering allegiance for the self-chosen “Jewish State” that concerns millions of Americans. 


Does the perpetuation of Zionism have undue influence upon or control of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East?  Clearly it does.  After all, there are no Palestinians Americans or Arab Americans in the Bush Administration with the same level of influence as the self-proclaimed Jewish Americans as indicated by the aforementioned partial list of “Jews” in the Bush Administration.  With approximately 3 million Arab Americans and 5 million “Jewish” Americans in our population, isn’t it peculiar that only the “Jewish” Americans have penetrated the inner circles of power while the Arab Americans have not?  This didn’t happen by chance.  It is tactical in every sense of the word.  In the United States, the Israel Lobby henchmen found at AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League are the force that ensures that the tactic of maintaining a blind Zionistic allegiance sleeper hold on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East does not lose its grip.  Extortion and character assassination are the standard tools used by these operatives to hold the U.S. Congress in check.  Any Congressman or Senator that cares more about his or her political career, ninety percent of them, than doing what’s right in the Middle East, dares not suggest that Israel is as much of the problem in the region as any other. 


As 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean learned, suggesting a more even-handed approach towards Israel and the Palestinians will result in audio manipulations by the Zionism pedaling media that will make you look more like a professional wrestler than a presidential candidate.  Effective?  I still hear the “scream”.  Don’t you? 


This distortion of the media message, along with the failure of the corporate media to adequately report Israeli atrocities along side of the coverage of Palestinians suicide bombers is not a new trend.  For decades, most Americans have been denied access to the complete truth regarding the atrocities committed by Israelis upon the Palestinians while we pour billions of taxpayer dollars into the Israeli government.  In the last nine years alone, Congress has sent a total of approximately $40 billion in aid for the state of Israel.  On June 9, 2006, the House of Representatives by a vote of 373-34, allocated $2.46 billion in U.S. military and economic foreign aid for Israel.  As part of the same spending bill, President Bush had requested $150 million, 6% of what he requested for Israel, for the Palestinian Authority.  Once Hamas, a political party that bears arms and fights Israeli occupation, was democratically elected and gained the majority in the Palestinian parliament, the $150 million for the Palestinians was eliminated as requested by Jewish American Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ).[3]


As of July 2006 there was an estimated 1,428,757 people living in the Israeli occupied Gaza Strip[4] of which 99.4% are Palestinian Arabs and 0.6% “Jewish”.   As of July 2004, an estimated 2,460,462 people lived in the West Bank[5]. 83% are Palestinian Arabs and 17% “Jewish”.  As of July 2006, there was an estimated 6,352,117 people living in Israel according to the CIA.  It is a curious fact that the CIA included the 187,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank, about 20,000 in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, and 177,000 “Jews” living in East Jerusalem in its Israel population estimate as if those areas are part of Israel[6]. 


The purpose of referencing these statistics is to point out that in 2007 the U.S. taxpayer will be handing out $2.46 billion to the government of the 6.3 million people living in Israel while the government of the 3.9 million Palestinians receives no aid whatsoever.  This is beyond disproportional.  It is gross distortion, particularly since so many of the Palestinians currently live without jobs, food, medicine, electricity and water thanks to Israel’s Gestapo tactics.  If this doesn’t fuel hatred towards the United States from the Arab world, what would?  The Arabs in the Middle East, and most certainly the Palestinian Arabs, are not blind to how U.S. money flows into Israel.  Unfortunately, we the people are not as astute. 


So what has Israel done lately to earn the right to extort $2.46 billion in U.S. tax dollars from the American worker in fiscal year 2007? 


Reuters reported on October 3, 2006 that Israeli warplanes flew over Lebanon two days after Israeli forces withdrew from virtually all of south Lebanon.  Lebanon said the over flights violate a U.N. resolution that halted the fighting on August 14.[7] 


On October 10, 2006 the UN News Service reported that the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said that Lebanese children preparing to go back to school face a “terrible situation” from up to 1 million pieces of unexploded ordnance left over from Israel’s 34 day war with Hizbollah.  UNICEF spokesman Michael Bociurkiw said the number of unexploded Israeli cluster bombs range from 100,000 to 1 million.[8]


The Jerusalem Post reported on October 13, 2006 that Lebanese Defense Minister Murr said that in a few months, the Lebanese army would be able to fire anti-aircraft missiles at any IAF planes flying over Lebanon.  Murr added that the Lebanese government is submitting complaints of IAF over flights to the United Nations on a daily basis, meaning that Israel is violating Lebanese airspace daily.[9]


French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie warned on October 20, 2006 that Israeli air violations in Lebanon were "extremely dangerous" and must end in the interest of all parties. French President Jacques Chirac, speaking from Finland where he was attending a European Union summit, also urged Israel to stop violating Lebanon's air space.[10]


On October 23, 2006 the Lebanese Communication Group reported that on Monday, Israeli warplanes carried out their "most intensive over flights" of Lebanon since the end of the Jewish state's war against the country, despite a French warning to halt such missions. Two warplanes twice flew low over Beirut, with four planes carrying out similar mock raid over southern Lebanon, causing a sonic boom over the port city of Tyre. A Lebanese police source said that these are the most intensive over flights since August 14 and it looks like defiance of 1701 and of French appeals. The territorial violations came shortly after France, which currently leads the UN force in south Lebanon, said it might open fire on the intruding aircraft. Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz vowed Sunday that the flights would continue because of alleged arms smuggling to Hezbollah. The international community, absent the United States, has increasingly criticized the flights, with France warning on Friday against the violations. "These violations are extremely dangerous because they may be felt as hostile by forces of the coalition that could be brought to retaliate in case of self-defense," French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said.[11]


The Associated Press reported on October 23, 2006 that Israel used phosphorous bombs in Lebanon against civilian militants in civilian areas – a violation of the Geneva Conventions. In the same AP article it was reported that on Sunday, October 22, 2006, a cluster bomb exploded in a southern Lebanese village, killing a 12-year-old boy and wounding his younger brother. At least 21 people have been killed and more than 100 wounded to date by cluster bombs since the end of the war.[12]


On October 14, 2006 a brave IDF commander is quoted by Israel News source, Haaretz, as saying, “What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs.”  Quoting his battalion commander, the rocket unit head stated that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fired approximately 1,800 cluster bombs, containing over 1.2 million cluster bomblets, into Lebanon.[13]


While violating Lebanese airspace and UN Resolution 1701, Israel has also been busy attacking and killing Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - again.  On October 18, 2006, Israeli infantry and tanks moved into the border town of Rafah located on the Egypt-Gaza border because Israel has discovered “tunnels” under the border.[14]  Israel insists that these tunnels are designed to smuggle weapons, however no evidence of weapons being smuggled through the tunnels has been provided.  Given the stranglehold that the IDF maintains on the Gaza Strip and its propensity to shutdown all trade and traffic as well as utilities to 1.4 million Palestinian Arabs whenever a few militants fight back against the Israeli oppression and humiliation, these tunnels could also be used to “smuggle” food, water, and medicine to the Palestinians imprisoned in the Gaza Strip by the IDF.


It was only one year ago when Israel pulled out of Gaza, although the IDF kept the perimeter of the region surrounded and controlled.  Now the Gaza Strip has Israeli infantry and tanks occupying and terrorizing the Palestinians once again. 


In response to this latest Israeli act of aggression in Gaza, U.N. Mideast envoy Alvaro de Soto said that the continuing violence and near-closure of Gaza coupled with the lack of any apparent political solution “is truly explosive” and as potentially dangerous for both Israelis and Palestinians.[15]


On October 17, 2006 Israelis killed 5 Palestinians in the West Bank including a 16-year-old boy who had been throwing stones at an army jeep.  Two more Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire in Qabatiyeh after throwing stones at an army jeep.[16]  It’s so tragic and absurd that it must be repeated – Israelis killed 3 Palestinians on October 17th for throwing rocks at Israeli army jeeps.  Imagine if cops in your community murdered a 16-year-old boy because he allegedly threw a rock at their police cruiser!  We the people would not tolerate such totalitarianism and brutality here, yet we fund it over there.


Which brings us to the tactic that Israel inflicts upon the people of the West Bank and Gaza Strip; a tactic that “Jewish American” Paul Wolfowitz brought to America’s shores in the form of the pre-emptive strike Bush Doctrine.  Basically what the tactic calls for is the harsh punishment of many because of the assumed actions of a few.  Evidence of guilt is not relevant.  Suspicion is all that is required to justify the acts of aggression against all the people of a region or nation.  We see this daily in the occupied territories.  We saw Israel employ this tactic in Lebanon.  And we are suffering the consequences of this tactic in Iraq. 


Here in Charleston, SC, like most every other city in America comparable in size, we have a crime problem in specific areas of the city.  Lately, Charleston’s eastside has been making the news.  Murder, drugs, robbery, and theft – the good people that live on the eastside report being scared to leave their houses after dark.  They say that they listen to gunplay every night.  The community has responded with increased police patrol, more police on the beat, as well as a citizen’s patrol.  But what if the Charleston Chief of Police teamed up with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Department to employ a different tactic?  What if law enforcement decided that the best way to deal with the eastside was to surround it, barricade it, and prevent all travel to and from it?  What if the people living on the inside, were told that they only could travel out of the eastside by passing through one or two checkpoints?  And what if supplies, food for the grocery stores, gas for the gas stations, medicine for the hospitals and doctors’ offices had to pass through those one or two check points?  And what if some folks from the eastside resisted this type of treatment, and out of desperation, climbed a fence and attacked a few police officers manning the gates, and in response to this action, law enforcement blew up the power sub-station that provided the electricity to the eastside while shutting off the water.  What the hell do you think would happen next?


I can tell you what would happen.  All hell would break loose and so it should.  This is exactly the plight of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, yet when Secretary Condoleezza Rice addressed the American Task Force on Palestine Inaugural Gala she didn’t mention these inhuman and criminal atrocities.  The Israelis are terrorizing 3.9 million Palestinians Arabs because some are refusing to go quietly, and Rice has the nerve to define three principles that the Palestinians have to accept before they can become a partner in peace! 


In addition to the atrocities already mentioned, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is pushing hard for a military strike against Iran.  He has warned that if the United States does not take action against Iran, Israel will take matters in its own hands.  I say let them!  But cut off the $2.46 billion first!


The Muckraker Report called AIPAC last week to learn how it is that Israel believes it has the right to condemn any other nation’s nuclear ambitions while Israel remains an undeclared nuclear power?  My point was that while the United States, Russia, France, United Kingdom, and China, along with 188 nations to include Iran are signers of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (Israel is not), and while Iran is a participant with the International Atomic Energy Agency (Israel is not), should not Israel first get its own house in order and come clean about its nuclear weapons – like the rest of the world including North Korea – before it condemns and attacks Iran without evidence of a Iranian nuclear weapons program?  The world knows that Iran is attempting to produce nuclear energy, but to date; no conclusive evidence has been presented that proves Iran is attempting to build a nuclear bomb.  I spoke to AIPAC media spokeswoman, Jennifer Cannata.  She said she would have to call me back.  I have not heard from her since. 


If Secretary Condoleezza Rice and the Bush Administration were honest and actually wanted to help the Palestinians, they would immediately insist upon a Palestinian state and cut off all funding to Israel until such a state emerges.  They would also insist that the Palestinian state’s borders match the June 11, 1948 U.N. cease fire order map.  As you can see on this map, the West Bank was never intended to be landlocked and cut off from the Gaza Strip.  Both the Palestinians and the Israelis were to have reasonably equal distribution of land with the Palestinians having seaport access, a vital component to their states’ economy.  Seeing as the Bush Administration has proven that it can be stubborn and unwavering, it should not be difficult for Rice to lay the map on the table, take back the $2.46 BILLION, and tell Israel to give the U.S. a call once they made it happen!  If they don’t, they’re on their own! 


We the people on the other hand, have to ask out elected officials whether they are more concerned about how AIPAC rates their voting record than how the voters feel about it.  When your Congressman and Senators lie to you by claiming that AIPAC doesn’t influence how they vote, vote the traitors, whether Democrats or Republicans, out of office!  And while you have the bastard on the phone, ask him or her why they are not leading the cause to withhold the $2.46 billion from Israel until Israel pays for the complete removal and disposal of all unexploded cluster bomblets it dropped in Lebanon!  None dare, which is why they are not fit to serve in the U.S. Congress.  Israel targets innocent civilians and children by dropping cluster bombs in Lebanon and Washington DC calls it self-defense.  When militant Arabs do it, the White House and U.S. Congress calls it terrorism.  Can I get a witness? 


So what did Israel do to earn $2.46 billion of U.S. dollars in 2007?  It certainly did not get the money for being a partner in peace and a good neighbor in the Middle East.  It got the money because of the influence and control that AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League has over your Congressman and Senators – the same people that will vote in favor of sending more of our sons and daughters 7000 miles to fight in wars against nations that pose no actionable threat to the United States.  A threat to Israel is not a threat to the United States.


With a grave sense of urgency, the Israel Lobby in the United States must be dismantled and abolished, and we the people are the folks that will have to do it.  The politicians will not because they are owned by it.  It’s a matter of national security. 


Watch out for Karl Rove’s October Surprise to sway the November elections.  He has bragged about it in conservative circles.  Israel might be part of the equation.  How about another false flag operation like Israel executed by purposely attacking the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967?  With U.S. warships now playing war games off the shore of Iran, a reported Iranian attack on a U.S. Navy vessel might scare enough uninformed voters to vote for Mr. Potato Head’s warmongering, neo con, Zionist ticket once again.  With these traitors, anything is possible – to include the 9/11 attacks, lest we forget!


Keep your powder dry. 

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