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Making Israel More Secure

Ed Haas

Making Israel More Secure

May 9, 2008 – The Mossad, Hebrew for “institute”, is Israel’s clandestine intelligence agency.  It is also the Israeli server for false flag, counterintelligence operations around the world, not unlike other intelligence agencies such as the CIA, ISI, and SIS.  The Mossad is active in Iraq. Its objective is to ensure that the U.S. military “follows through” with eliminating any perceived threat Iraq or Iran might pose to Israel – now or in the future.  

Last Friday, John McCain implied that the Iraq War was for oil.  He quickly clarified his statement by claiming that he was speaking about the Gulf War.  Regardless, he is lying again – on both accounts.  McCain is not stupid.  He did not misspeak – the political terminology for telling lies nowadays.  He has full knowledge that powerful pro-Israel groups working in the United States shaped, and continue to shape, the U.S. policy in Iraq. 

The world now knows that the Bush / Cheney administration lied about Iraq – essentially destroying our nation’s credibility for decades to come, if not centuries.  It turns out that Iraq did not pose a grave and imminent threat to the United States.  Saddam’s imaginary weapons were not a direct threat to the American people.  There were no weapons of mass destruction.  Baghdad was not working with al-Qaeda. 

Despite what the hacks and pundits say about it now, the deception was purposeful, and therefore, criminal.  If tried in a court of law, those involved would be found guilty based upon overwhelming direct and circumstantial evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the American people were deliberately deceived into supporting a completely unnecessary war.  Much of the false intelligence employed to deceive was provided by those loyal to, or part of “The Lobby”

The Iraq War is about making Israel more secure.  Whether this objective has succeeded or failed is debatable, but the cause, the thrust behind invading Iraq is directly linked to Zionist power in Washington DC.

In May 2003, Tam Dalyell, a UK Labour party deputy, suggested that a Jewish cabal had taken over the government in the United States.  When pressed to clarify, Dalyell said, "The cabal that I referred to was in the US.  That is the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. I was thinking of Paul Wolfowitz, deputy defence secretary, Richard Perle, John Bolton, assistant secretary of state, Douglas Feith, Ken Adelman, Elliott Abrams and Ari Fleischer, Mr Bush's press secretary. Those people drive this policy."[2]

The Zionist blowback against statements such as Dalyell’s is as predictable as the power itself.  When President Jimmy Carter wrote candidly in his book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, about the pro-Israel lobby influence in U.S. foreign policy, Ashkenazi Zionist writer David Horowitz responded with an essay, Jimmy Carter: Jew-Hater, Genocide-Enabler, Liar, as if the Ashkenazi are God’s chosen people – the greatest lie ever told!  How desperate the ignorant are who believe it!


Not that it posed much of a threat to Israel in 2003; Iraq is much less a threat militarily to Israel today.  Next on the Zionist agenda is getting Americans to fight in Iran.  Of course, such public language repels the Zionists, but that does not make the language false. The fact remains: if Israel views a nation in the region as an adversary, such as Iran, the U.S. government and corporate media machine tell the American people that the nation, in this case, Iran, is a grave threat to peace.  And so the American people began to prepare for a new war. 

Whether Iran is or is not presently seeking nuclear weapons remains uncertain.  What is certain is that the U.S. lost all intelligence credibility in this regard when it deceived its way into Iraq.  On the other hand, Israel does have nuclear weapons and is a threat to peace in the region.  If they are pursuing nuclear weapons, it is understandable why the Iranians would want such firepower.  The Persians understand that their only defense against future Israeli aggression is increased firepower.  Alarmist Israel is pressing increasingly harder for air strikes in Iran to ensure that Iran cannot defend itself against Israel. 

Since 2003 the pro-Israel lobby has been calling for regime change in Iran.  They have been calling for preemptive strikes inside Iran.  The Jewish cabal that Tam Dalyell referenced included Paul Wolfowitz.  Wolfowitz is responsible for what is now known as the “Bush Doctrine”.  The Bush Doctrine is the preemptive strike doctrine, an alien doctrine in the United States prior to the Iraq invasion. 

Israeli Brigadier General Oded Tira has said, “President Bush lacks the political power to attack Iran.  As an American strike in Iran is essential for our existence, we must help him pave the way by lobbying the Democratic Party and US newspaper editors”.  Recently, Hillary Clinton said she would “obliterate”
[3] Iran if it attacked Israel.  It would appear the “Lobby” got through to the Democratic Party. 

Clinton, McCain, nor Obama should worry much about launching the pre-emptive strike against Iran.  All signals are that the Bush administration and the pro-Israel lobby will not leave such unfinished business to the next administration.  The next administration should be deeply troubled by the aftermath though, for it will be inherited along with Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter wrote in his book, Target Iran, “Let there be no doubt: If there is an American war with Iran it is a war that was made in Israel and nowhere else.”  Ritter is absolutely correct.  Unfortunately, most Americans remain detached from this truth. 

In a May 5, 2008 article that appeared on the web site, Raw Story, Ritter said he believes an attack on Iran is a “virtual guarantee”.
[4]  Ritter is right again. 

A hypothesis to seriously consider: there’s a new tactic playing out in Iraq.  The Mossad is most likely behind it.  Like any other covert operation, it exploits a known event and amplifies it. 

The American people have not responded favorably to the propaganda suggesting that Iran poses a threat to the United States, or that it is absolutely pursuing nuclear weapons.  Few Americans are falling for this rhetoric, especially after the “weapons of mass destruction” Iraq debacle.  But the Iranian weapons being used in Iraq to kill U.S. Marines and soldiers – now that’s something to get enough Americans behind a future airstike in Iran.  And it’s working. 

At every turn the American people are being confronted with news accounts of “generals on the ground” in Iraq discovering Iranian munitions that have been used to kill U.S. military personnel.  The U.S. military is also allegedly intercepting these types of shipments of weapons into Iraq; conclusive evidence we’re told of the Iranian government involvement. 

Unfortunately, this story is true.  However, it is difficult to quantify.  We know that some Iranian Shiites are assisting Iraqi Shiites fighting against the U.S. occupation.  But does that mean that every explosive found in Iraq, with Iranian identifiers, was smuggled into Iraq by Iranians with their government’s approval?  Hardly.  Not anymore so than to suggest that every drug smuggled into the United States from Mexico came with the Mexican government’s approval. 

Iranian made munitions are easily duplicated – counterfeited.  There’s nothing to it.  If not counterfeited, they are easily purchased on the black market in the Middle East.  The Mossad has Iranian made munitions at its disposal.  Israel wants the U.S. to make it more secure by bombing Iran.  The American people have not responded favorably to the Iran “nuclear threat” rant.  But the Iranian supplied weapons killing U.S. military personnel has gained traction with the people and is starting to cause some rumbling stateside – even with those people modestly opposed to the Iraq war.

Watch for an attack, unless the White House has already committed to bomb Iran regardless, against U.S. forces with a high casualty report – 50 to 100 military personnel or more, killed in a single day in Iraq – with immediate evidence of an Iranian-made weapons connection.  In short order, expect Bush to launch airstrikes against Iran in retaliation, with enough support from the U.S. Congress and American people to prevent meaningful protest here at home. 

Do you believe that the Mossad and Israel, in an attempt to push the United States into bombing Iran because ‘an American strike in Iran is essential for our existence’ would aid, facilitate, exaggerate, or perpetuate the death of U.S. service members under false flag, or in this case, false weapons operations, to make Israel more secure? 

Israel will stop at nothing, to include killing Americans under false flag conditions, to survive. 

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