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Propagators of Pro-Zionist Propaganda

Propagators of Pro-Zionist Propaganda


July 23, 2006 – Israel has invaded Lebanon.  However, there remain two governments on planet earth that have yet to admit this fact: the United States and Israel.  Today, Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz told the Cabinet that the current offensive is not an invasion of Lebanon, but rather a series of limited raids into the area.[1]  Meanwhile, the Beirut newspaper, The Daily Star, reported yesterday that the United States is expediting a shipment of precision bombs to Israel amid the Zionist state’s ongoing assault on Lebanon.[2]   According to The Daily Star, the precision bombs being shipped to the Zionists are part of a previously negotiated arms deal between the United States and the Zionist state.  The Zionists had agreed to purchase approximately $1 billion in US military equipment – a package deal that the Zionists can tap into on a moments notice, depending on need. 


Where did the Zionist state find the funds to commit to purchasing $1 billion in US military equipment?  By an overwhelming margin of 373 to 34, the House of Representatives has passed the fiscal year 2007 foreign aid bill, which included $2.46 billion in assistance to the Zionist state - $2.34 billion of which is earmarked as military assistance.  That’s right!  The fools in the US Congress, owned by the treasonous Pro-Zionist lobby – AIPAC, have been sending billions of US taxpayer dollars to the Zionist state each and every year so that the Zionists have the money to purchase weaponry from the US military.  What this scheme amounts to is a foreign military, prone to aggression against its neighbors and committing gross human rights violations, funded completely with US taxpayer dollars.  Sure the Zionists agreed to purchase $1 billion in US military equipment – so long as the United States gives them the money to make the purchase! 


No doubt, there are 373 members of the House of Representatives that should lose their elections in 2006 because this vote, and thousands of other Zionism driven votes cast each year in Washington DC, do not reflect the wishes of the American public.  Most Americans want the federal government to demonstrate a more even-handed approach towards the Zionist state and the Middle East.  However, for as long as AIPAC is allowed to roam the halls of Congress and the pressrooms, the traitors in the House of Representatives will continue to cast votes that favor the Israel over the United States.  That makes the U.S. Congress an occupying foreign government operating in Washington DC.  This was always the goal of the Zionists – control the US media and US currency through the banking cartel, and therefore, the US government.  It is with great sadness to report that the Zionists through the Israel Lobby have completely succeeded in this regard.  Only a brisk revolt of the American people will break the shackles of Zionism in America.  Zionism should not dominate U.S. foreign policy.  Americanism – Libertarianism should dominate U.S. foreign policy.  Lasting peace in the Middle East will never occur unless the U.S. stops its blind support of the Zionist state.


The fact that the US is rushing arms to the Zionist state makes it as much of an accomplice to Israeli war crimes as any role Iran has played in arming and funding Hezbollah.  Meanwhile, the Bush Administration is talking about achieving peace in the Middle East.  We can’t even achieve peace in Baghdad, and the Bushites think they have what it takes to achieve peace in the Middle East?  These people are so out of step with reality – so grandiose – that the American public can no longer trust the US government’s competence, motives, or authentic intent.  It is well pass the time that the people abolish the existing federal government and institute the original constitutional republic our founding fathers created because the U.S. government was hijacked a long time ago and is now beyond economical repair.  And please note: there is no solution to be found within the Democratic or Republican Parties because the Israel Lobby owns both.  Just listen to representatives from both parties as they’re paraded on the pro-Zionist propaganda networks to spew their lies about the Israeli invasion of Lebanon to the dwindling number of Americans that actually believe what they see on the news or read in their newspapers.  Need proof?


One July 14, 2006, two days after the Zionists attacked Lebanon, Virginia Senator George Allen (Z) was on CNN’s Larry King Live to discuss the so-called Israeli response to Hezbollah.  Allen said, “The facts are that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.  It’s an organization that hit against Israel.  It’s abducted not just only Israelis.” 


What is a terrorist organization?  What defines a terrorist?  Is any military or paramilitary group that fights against another automatically a terrorist organization?  Hardly.  Is the measure of terrorism defined by the targeting of civilians?  If so, and if applied fairly to both Israelis and Arabs – then Israel is a terror state as much as any other in the Middle East.  The Zionists have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians since 1948.  However, Zionists call this brand of terrorism, self-defense.  Can terrorism be defined by who drew first blood?  How about by who first violated international law and peace agreements?  The truth is that the Zionist state is as guilty as any other in the region of committing terrorist acts. How is it that when Hezbollah launches rockets into Israel, its terrorism, but when the Zionists blow up the Beirut Airport, it’s not?  Can the Zionists, both in the US government and Israel, really have it both ways?  The stench of the hypocrisy is unbearable.


Senator Allen continued, “The reality is, and here’s what we need to understand in this whole scheme, is that Hezbollah, Hezbollah is armed by Iran.  They’re paid for by Iran.  They are protected by Iran.  And they’re ordered by Iran.”  And as previously mentioned, the Israeli Defense Force is paid for by the United States.  It is protected by the United States.  Oh, but it is not ordered by the United States – thanks to AIPAC and the pro-Zionist propaganda machine called the US mainstream media.  Make no mistake about it – the Zionists are giving the marching orders to their puppets and slaves in the US Congress! 


Allen continued, “Israel is protecting themselves and one can always look back from miles away and say, Gosh, they didn’t need to do that.  But Israel is targeting Hezbollah.” 


And that’s where the pro-Zionist propaganda begins in regard to this latest military invasion of Lebanon by the Zionist state.  How Senator Allen and the rest of the Zionist controlled US Congress can say with a straight face that Israel is only targeting Hezbollah while images of the Beirut Airport being pummeled by the Israeli military are being shown on the split screen, is mind boggling.  The Zionists are not only targeting Hezbollah.  They are bombarding and destroying Lebanon.  They are blowing up bridges, power grids, gas stations, television and communications infrastructure, and much more.  They are killing innocent civilians too.


So what is the role of Hezbollah in the Israeli constant state of crisis?  It is all too apparent that Hezbollah hates the Zionists as much as the Zionists hate Hezbollah.  However, there are important facts regarding Southern Lebanon, Israel, and Hezbollah that the pro-Zionist propaganda propagators are not reporting in the United States.


During the 1967 Six Day War, the initiating and invading Zionist forces seized a piece of Lebanese territory called the Shebaa Farms[3].  Syrian officials had given the Shebaa Farms land to Lebanon in 1951.  Israel and the United States influenced the United Nations to override the Syrian / Lebanese agreement on the Shebaa Farms.  To this day, the UN, Israel, and the United States claim that the Shebaa Farms is Syrian territory even though Israel continues to occupy the territory.  How the United Nations, United States, and Israel can decide what Syria did or did not give Lebanon, is as perplexing as the Zionism concept itself. 


In 1978, Israeli forces illegally invaded the southern part of Lebanon. On March 19, 1978, the United Nations passed U.N. Security Council Resolution 425.  Resolution 425:


  1. Calls for strict respect for the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Lebanon within its internationally recognized boundaries;
  2. Calls upon Israel immediately to cease its military action against Lebanese territorial integrity and withdraw forthwith its forces from all Lebanese territory;
  3. Decides, in the light of the request of the Government of Lebanon, to establish immediately under its authority a United Nations interim force for southern Lebanon for the purpose of confirming the withdrawal of Israeli forces, restoring international peace and security and assisting the Government of Lebanon in ensuring the return of its effective authority in the area, the force to be composed of personnel drawn from States Members of the United Nations.

In 1982, the Zionist state invaded Lebanon up to Beirut.  In 1996, Israel bombarded southern Lebanon.  In 1999 and 2000 the Zionist state bombed power stations and bridges near Beirut.  In May 2000, the Zionist state began to withdraw its troops from southern Lebanon accept for the Shebaa Farms area – which the Zionists have occupied since 1967. 


In 2001, the Secretary General of the United Nations announced that twenty-three years after U.N. Security Council Resolution 425 was issued, Israel had generally complied – with the exception of certain breaches of the line of withdrawal.  The breaches consist of Israeli attacks on Lebanese territory and attacks on Israeli occupation military targets in the Shebaa Farms area.  Hezbollah has mostly conducted the attacks on Israeli targets in the occupied territory of Shebaa Farms against the occupying Zionist forces. 


Hezbollah wants Israel out of the Shebaa Farms area, and views the Zionists as occupying Arab land – again.  The Palestinians want the Zionists out of the West Bank and Gaza, and they want their equally equipped, equally sovereign Arab state in Palestine. 


If your favorite news source isn’t explaining the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in the context of the Shebaa Farms issue, what you’re being fed is pro-Zionist propaganda. 

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[3] Shebaa Farms Foundation, Shebaa Farms: A Lebanese Land Occupied by Israel, Brief History, http://www.shebaafarms.org/briefhistory.html, [Accessed July 23, 2006]

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