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North American Union: Treaty and Treason

North American Union: Treaty and Treason


July 12, 2006 – A treaty is a written agreement between two or more states or sovereign nations that articulates mutually agreed upon goals or objectives.[1]  A treaty can also be described as a formal agreement between sovereign nations to create or restrict rights and responsibilities.  In the United States, all treaties must be approved by two-thirds vote in the United States Senate.[2]


A joint statement is also a written agreement between two or more states or sovereign nations that articulates mutually agreed upon goals or objectives.  When President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Treaty of Moscow on June 1, 2003, a Russian-U.S. treaty on strategic reductions, Vladimir Putin twice referred to the treaty as a joint statement.[3] 


In Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005, President Bush, Mexican President Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Martin gathered at a meeting orchestrated by the ruinous Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and issued a joint statement to announce the establishment of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPPNA).[4] 


Article II of the Constitution for the United States defines and limits presidential powers.  Regarding treaties, Article II Section 2 states:


He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur;


According to the U.S. Senate, in addition to treaties, which may not enter into force and become binding on the United States without the advice and consent of the Senate, there are other types of international agreements concluded by the executive branch and are not submitted to the Senate.  These are classified in the United States as executive agreements, not as treaties – a distinction that has only domestic significance.  International law regards each mode of international agreement as binding, whatever its designation under domestic law.[5]


The lack of significant distinctions between treaties, joint statements, and executive agreements raises serious questions.   Can the President of the United States enter into a treaty without the advice and consent of the United States Senate simply by calling the treaty an executive agreement or joint statement?  What elements of an executive agreement or joint statement elevate either to a treaty regardless of what the President might be calling the written agreement?  Is a joint statement or executive agreement not a treaty simply because it does not have the consent of the U.S. Senate?  Isn’t it possible then for the President of the United States, particularly the current President, to bypass the U.S. Senate and do whatever he pleases in regard to entering agreements with other nations, simply by labeling what it is that he is doing as a joint statement or executive agreement?  By issuing a joint statement called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, has President Bush entered into a treaty without U.S. Senate consent? 


The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPPNA) is known on the street by another name - the North American Union.  Also described as North American Integration, the entire treasonous scheme has been devised and delivered into emerging policy by the depraved Council on Foreign Relations.  The CFR is the ruling elite of the United States and beyond. It is a Rockefeller brain trust, which means it is dedicated to central banking and international financiers that hold no loyalty or regard for national sovereignty.  Controlling the world’s money supply is their only objective because the cartel knows that if they control the money supply, there is no need to worry about the people that are making the laws. Its origin is as devilish as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. 


Founded in 1921 by bankers and industrialists, the CFR is the invisible government of the global money power.  In its mission statement, the CFR refers to its influence as its legendary convening power[6].  Once you comprehend what the ruling elite at the CFR is planning for the United States, Mexico, and Canada; what is being planned for an estimated 440 million people by less than 100 ruling elitists, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether the word legendary should be replaced with diabolical, or even, satanic.


Before defining exactly what the goals are of the CFR promoted – North American Union, it must be emphasized that George W. Bush has already agreed to the agenda.  Treason is a crime that undermines the offender’s government, a betraying of one’s country, disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior.[7] 


The Atlanta Roundtable, a CFR – North American Union working group, held its second session on October 17, 2001 to discuss the future of North American integration in the wake of September 11th 2001.  Gordan D. Giffin and Robert A. Pastor led the discussion.[8]  The transcript of this meeting reveals that Mexican President Vicente Fox met with President Bush on September 4, 2001 and proposed the legalizing of anywhere from three to seven million Mexican illegal immigrants in the United States.  Based on 2001 estimates of Mexican illegal immigrants living in the United States, the seven million represented all of them.  Today the number of illegal Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. is estimated at eleven million.  The goal of the North American Union is to legalize all of them.  This North American Union goal is validated by the inability of the U.S. Senate to develop any meaningful immigration reform legislation that fulfills the American public’s demand that all illegal immigrants be deported, and prevented from re-entry into the United States by firmly securing the United States - Mexico border.  It should be clear to American voters that the U.S. Senate answers to the CFR, and not the people. 


The Atlanta Roundtable also discussed the necessity of deepening or widening the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  In January 1994, Canada, Mexico, and the United States launched NAFTA.  NAFTA is the catalyst for the North American Union, which demonstrates once again the methodology of persistent erosion of sovereignty through the presentation and passage of agreements that create the infrastructure for long term, hidden agendas to flourish.  It also reveals the fact that trilateralists have infiltrated the two-part, political juggernaut known as the Democratic and Republican Parties; meaning that it makes no difference which party is in control of the White House or U.S. Congress. 


If the politician is loyal to, or owned by, the CFR, AIPAC, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, or the Order of Skull and Bones, it makes little difference if they say they are a democrat or republican, or if they claim that Jesus Christ changed their heart.  And make no mistake about it – any public representative that has prominence and influence is already owned by elements of the aforementioned conglomeration. 


Speaking of NAFTA and the CFR master goals in his article, NAFTA Superhighway Begins Construction Next Year[9], retired Air Force Lt. Col. Joe Kress wrote:


No doubt, many key politicians, government bureaucrats and key Non-Government Organizations elite players were fully aware of this end run, but few in the general public even now have a clue that all this discussion about open borders is of little consequence, since the trilateralists headed by the Ford, Carter, H.W. Bush Administrations, the Clinton Administration und auch das Führer George W. gemeingefährlich Verwaltung are facilitators for their masters’ goals through this key component of physically linking a mega-highway from the tip of Chili to the northern most points of commerce in Canada. The long planned purpose is to implement the New World Order of borderless countries throughout the hemispheres.


The NAFTA Superhighway is another element of the North American Union treaty that is already underway.


One of the Atlanta Roundtable’s key talking points regarding NAFTA was that its limits have been reached.  The CFR solution is the creation of an institution that thinks about NAFTA problems in a trilateral way.  If the idea of a trilateral institution doesn’t alarm you – it should.  What the CFR is talking about is a trilateral government that could and eventually would have the authority to trump the existing government’s of Canada, Mexico, and the United States.   


There are many ruling elitists who are masterminding the destruction of the United States via the North American Union, but two people taking lead roles are Robert Pastor and Gordon Giffin, with Pastor appearing to be at the forefront.  At the October 17, 2001 Atlanta Roundtable, Pastor recommended:


  • A single North American parliamentary group
    • Translation – a government above the U.S. government
  • A customs union that establishes a common external tariff and removes customs requirement between the countries
    • Translation – the common external tariff takes money from the individual countries and funds the super-government parliamentary group
  • A perimeter formula that would put together a North American core of immigration and customs law enforcement officers
    • Translation – Trilateral Police Force that answers to a higher authority coupled with immigration laws and powers being stripped from the United States and turned over to the super-government parliamentary group
  • A North American Development Fund so that all three countries contribute a proportion of their wealth to help with education and building infrastructure in Mexico
    • Translation – Run for your guns because Robert Pastor wants U.S. wealth to be redistributed to Mexico.   

Giffin recommended:


  • Enhance the movement of a legitimate person so that more time can be spent on the illegitimate person.  We need to document people and goods so that they move more quickly, i.e. a North American Pass that requires a cursory background check.
    • Translation – Run to the bullet store because Gordon Giffin wants every U.S. citizen to be issued “papers” so that law enforcement can check your “passes” whenever you are out in public.  He also wants all of Canada and Mexico to have the same passes as you and I so that Canadians, Mexicans, and Americans can freely enter each others countries

Remember, these Atlanta Roundtable recommendations were made on October 17, 2001 - almost five years ago.  What has transpired since that time?  In the SPPNA joint statement released by Bush, Fox, and Martin on March 23, 2005, the three trilateralist leaders stated:


  • Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. must develop new avenues of cooperation that will make our open societies safer and more secure
  • A trilateral effort to increase the security, prosperity, and quality of life of our citizens is needed
  • Security and prosperity are mutually dependent
  • Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. must consolidate our efforts within a North American framework
  • Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. must reduce regional disparities and increase opportunity for all. 
  • Streamline the secure and efficient movement of legitimate, low-risk traffic across our shared borders
  • Establish working parties led by our ministers and secretaries that will consult with stakeholders in our respective countries

The American voter isn’t a stakeholder – only the ruling elite.  Obviously, the joint statement is intentionally ambiguous.  It can be interpreted many different ways.  However, remember it is the CFR that is behind this treasonous scheme.  Let’s take a look at how the joint statement translates when Robert A. Pastor testified before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on June 9, 2005 – approximately 10 weeks after President Bush entered the United States into the joint statement. 


Pastor’s testimony before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee was titled, A North American Community Approach to Security.[10]  In his testimony, Pastor refers to a recent report by an Independent Task Force on the Future of North America sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.  He indicated that the Independent Task Force was a three nation, 31-person Task Force.  Think about it!  31 people assigned to a task force to determine the fate of 440 million people – the combined population of Canada, Mexico, and the United States.  Pastor referred to the Task Force report as a blueprint of the goals the three countries of North America should pursue and the steps needed to achieve those goals. 


Here’s what Robert A. Pastor had to say while testifying before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on June 9, 2005:


  • The best way to assure security is not at our borders with Canada and Mexico and not by defining “security” in conventional and narrow terms
  • What we need to do now is forge a North American Community, based on the premise that each member benefits from its neighbor’s success and is diminished by its problems
  • Instead of stopping North Americans (Americans, Canadians, Mexicans) on the borders, we ought to provide them with secure, biometric Border Pass that would ease transit across the border like an E-Z pass permits our cars to speed through toll booths
  • NAFTA has failed to create partnership because North American governments have not changed the way they deal with one another.  Dual bilateralism, driven by U.S. power, continues to govern and irritate.  Adding a third party to bilateral disputes vastly increases the chances that rules, not power, will resolve problems

If the best way to assure the security of the United States is not at our borders with Canada and Mexico, which borders does the CFR think we should secure?  The truth is that the ultimate goal is One World Government with no borders – only papers and police state actions to oppress the masses into brutal submission to a higher authority.  However, for the time being, the CFR is going to convince the public through their media mockingbirds that to secure the United States, we should secure the perimeters of North America.  I hope you can smell how the War on Terror and 9/11 are once again going to take away more of your individual freedom, liberty, property, and sovereignty.  Too many beneficial outcomes have occurred for the New World Order and One World Government as a result of 9/11 to believe any longer that 19 Islamic Extremists armed with box cutters are solely responsible for the “War on Terror.”  The U.S. Congress might want to step back and investigate, from a hidden agenda / outcome, profit-motive perspective, all that has happened in U.S. policy since 2000 because the ruling elite has yet to provide any sustainable explanation as to how 9/11 actually unfolded.  What they have provided is theory that has yet to be backed up by sustainable evidence or facts.  For instance, when studying the cause of collapse of the twin towers, a $5 stopwatch is all that is required to disprove the government’s multi-million dollar pancake theory of collapse. 


Be advised: Biometric EZ Passes set the stage for the government to have the ability to invalidate your identification until you come in compliance with the government.  Step out of line, question authority, resist the police state, and you will be cut off from the only vehicle in which you can function in a Biometric EZ Pass Society.  No doubt, Pastor would say that this is not his vision of the Biometric EZ Pass, but rest assured, a single, trilateral identification would rapidly become the de facto, all-purpose passport, identification, license, bank card subject to government revocation. 


When Pastor recommended to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee that what was needed was a third party to oversee the interaction between Canada, Mexico, and the United States, he is in fact speaking of a higher authority that will eventually have the power to trump and dictate policy to the puppet governments that will be allowed to remain solely for appearances sake to deceive the people into believing that they still live in a sovereign nation – when they will not!  This third party government will not emerge initially as all-powerful.  That’s not how the ruling elite accomplishes their malicious agendas.  It will start out slowly – insignificantly.  It might even appear to be useful at first.  But overtime, if it is allowed to fertilize now, it will eventually gain all the power it desires, much in the same way the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 has morphed into something far more hideous than its original evil. 


Pastor continues:


  • This trilateral approach should be institutionalized in a new North American Advisory Council
  • The Commission or Council should be lean, independent, and advisory, composed of 15 distinguished individuals – 5 from each nation
  • Its principal purpose should be to prepare a North American agenda
  • It should evaluate ways to facilitate economic integration, producing specific proposals on continental issues such as harmonizing environmental and labor standards and forging a competition policy

Facilitate economic integration?  Harmonize environmental and labor standards?  Forge a competition policy?  Call it what you must but these are fancy phrases for socialism and communism!  A trilateral competition policy will not enhance competition.  It will eliminate as much of it as possible so that only the ruling elite get richer.  It’s just the way these despicable elitists work!  The CFR and its supporters must be stopped.  Remember, President Bush has already signed onto the concept of a North American Union.  So has the U.S. Senate.   Many covert activities are also taking place behind the scenes right now to make this damnable union materialize. 


The suspect outcome of the recent presidential election in Mexico is another example of the power and reach of the ruling elite, and demonstrates the lengths it will go to achieve its objectives.  Trilateralist candidate, Felipe Calderon, described as the conservative candidate and Bush favorite, reportedly defeated Andres Manaul Lopez Obrador by a very narrow margin.  Obrador was opposed to the North American Union.  Calderon supports the CFR agenda.  The conservative Calderon is said to have collected 402,000 more votes than Bush-bashing Obrador.  However, Investigative Reporter, Greg Palast, in his article, Senor Blank-o wins in Mexico, reports that mysteriously, there are 827,000 Mexican ballots without any mark whatsoever for president.[11]  Palast smells a rat and so does the Muckraker Report.  In his article Palast said, “As soon as I saw the “official” vote count, I booked a plane to Mexico City.  I’ll be there tomorrow to join our investigators on the ground – and to fill in the blanks.”  Please visit Greg Palast’s web site to follow his reporting on this topic.


Stealing elections by purging voter eligibility is a top tier tactic of the ruling elite.  Your vote counts only if they decide your vote counts!  See voter eligibility irregularities in Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004 to understand this tactic.  Creating chaos, fear, economic uncertainties, and war is also part of the ruling elite playbook.  The goal is to herd the masses into a state of desperate compliance with oppressive government.  Just look at what Americans willingly surrendered to the ruling elite to get out of the Great Depression that the ruling elite created! 


This is not a drill!  This is as real as it gets and it is happening as we speak.  The only thing that can stop it is the emergence of thousands of aggressive pockets of resistance that refuse to surrender.  We the People must counter-attack using all disposable means.  Your state legislators are still assessable.  They must be educated on this treasonous scheme immediately and driven to take action to prevent your state from being part of the North American Union.  The state has the inherent right to withdrawal from the Union if the federal government signs over any of its sovereignty to a trilateral commission. 


Never give up! 

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