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As the world laughs behind Condoleezza Rice's back

As the world laughs behind Condoleezza Rice’s back


April 4, 2006 – Calling members of the Bush Administration habitual liars is an insult to habitual liars.  The Branch Bushians have advanced lying to a level that if subjected to the scrutiny of clinical study, would be declared pathological by most experts.  It is impossible to know whether the Bushites actually believe the words that spew from the sewers beneath their noses, or if they fully understand that they are lying to the world and just don’t give a damn.  If they actually believe their own lies, then the whole Bush clan should be committed to the local asylum for their own safety, and ours.  If they are cognizant of their lies, then they should be convicted of treason and incarcerated for our protection. 


Whether criminal intent rests with their words or not, it is obvious to any attentive observer that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice are either deceptive, delusional, or a disturbing combination of both.  It’s as if they know when they are being less than honest and initially lying, but once the lie has been repeated, it becomes a truth for them.  Hell, they tell a lie, the New York Times or Washington Post prints a story with the lie imbedded in it, and then the Bushites reference the press article as their source! 


It’s as if the Bushites and their talking heads over at the Fascist Opinion X-change (Fox News) all have “forgetters” implanted in their brains that prevent them from seeing that the King is bare-assed in front of the entire world.  Like the farmer and his family emerging from the storm cellar after a powerful tornado etched its way across their farm and bulldozed their home, the Bushiest of Bushites declare, “Nothing’s wrong here Martha!  Our property has been liberated from the ravages of us!”  Call it rationale or denial if you must, but I’ll call it criminal conspiracy or insanity, neither of which should be at the helm of the United States of America. 


No doubt, Condoleezza Rice is a smooth operator who measures her lies carefully.  But even with intelligence and wherewithal in front of the press, she recently demonstrated to the world that even her level of craftiness struggles now to spin the War in Iraq into a “good thing” for the world.  Sadly, the world spits out the Rice rhetoric like lukewarm water, and so it should because it is sheer madness. 


Last week, Rice stomped for the war in Blackburn, England where she was rightfully greeted by anti-war protesters at every stop.  The ordinary, everyday people around the world now know in their hearts that the United States and Great Britain lied about why the invasion of Iraq was urgent and just.  Just in case you have an imbedded “forgetter” too, here are some of the “why we must invade Iraq” talking points that have proved to be lies.


1.      “Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard, and VX nerve agent.”

State of the Union Address – 1/28/2003


2.      “U.S. intelligence indicates that Saddam Hussein had upwards of 30,000 munitions capable of delivering chemical agents.”

State of the Union Address – 1/28/2003

3.      “We have also discovered through intelligence that Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad areas.”

State of the Union Address – 1/28/2003


4.      “Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications and statements by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of Al Qaida.”

State of the Union Address – 1/28/2003


5.      “Our intelligence sources tell us that he (Saddam) has attempted to purchase high-strength aluminum tubes suitable for nuclear weapons production.”

State of the Union Address – 1/28/2003


6.      “Satellite photographs reveal that Iraq is rebuilding facilities at [past nuclear] sites.” 

Bush: Addressing the Nation – 10/07/2002


7.      “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

State of the Union Address – 1/28/2003


8.      “We know he’s been absolutely devoted to trying to acquire nuclear weapons, and we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons.”

Vice President Dick Cheney – “Meet the Press” – 3/16/2003


Obviously, as of today, April 3, 2006, Americans and the world know that none of these eight statements were true.  We also now know that during a private two-hour meeting in the Oval Office on January 31, 2003, President Bush made it clear to British Prime Minister Tony Blair that he (Bush) was determined to invade Iraq with or without a second U.N. resolution.  The second resolution never came to be, and Bush / Blair invaded Iraq.  In a 5-page memo that recently surfaced in London, it has also been revealed that the President of the United States, George W. Bush talked about ways to provoke a confrontation with Iraq, to include painting a U.S. surveillance plane in the colors of the United Nations in hopes of drawing Iraqi fire.  The fact that Bush would even consider such a deceptive tactic to lead our nation into war doesn’t help his case when defending the work of the 9/11 Commission.  The truth is that the U.S. government and the Branch Bushians are capable of murder of innocent civilians, American and otherwise if they deem it necessary to accomplish their hidden agendas.  Few indeed are those who truly understand what those objectives are, but rest assured, they are not what we are hearing on the evening news.  If you need to call it a conspiracy or cover-up, both are factually accurate. 


Condoleezza Rice, as was her predecessor Colin Powell, is now the embarrassment and joke of the United States of America in the eyes and press of the world.  After her moronic remarks in Blackburn, England regarding the War in Iraq, it is crystal clear that she cannot be taken seriously.  She is a Branch Bushian through and through that will not be deterred by the facts.  Left with little evidence to support the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive strikes, Rice is now attempting to sell the war to the world with comments like Saddam Hussein “wasn’t going anywhere without military intervention”.  Is that it?  Is that why the United States invaded Iraq?  Is that why thousands of U.S. military are now dead, with tens of thousands maimed for life, because Saddam Hussein wasn’t going anywhere?  Is that why the Bush Administration has strapped the American taxpayer to a two trillion dollar war price tag that is increasing so rapidly that the U.S. Congress will need to raise our nation’s debt ceiling again within six months so that it can borrow more money from the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel just to make its interest payments? 


And how is it that Saddam Hussein wasn’t going anywhere?  He was born on April 28, 1937, which makes him 69 years old.  How long did U.S. intelligence expect him to live, or did the U.S. government suspend the laws of nature and physics again as they did on September 11th 2001 with the magical collapsing steel superstructures and the disappearing jumbo jets, so that Saddam Hussein would never know a natural death?  At best, Hussein had ten years left in his reign, while possessing no creditable ability to become a real threat to the security of the United States in his remaining lifetime.  Iraq was containable without requiring one ounce of American blood to be spilled on Iraqi soil.   There was also no need to burden the U.S. taxpayer with an enormous, endless hole in the Iraqi desert to pour our money into as fast as the U.S. Congress can have it printed and shipped to the Middle East.  


Saddam Hussein wasn’t going anywhere?  The Bushites are sure quick to the trigger, but damn are they stuck on stupid if they think the people believe a single word they now say.  Whatever happened to “Wouldn’t be prudent.  Not at this juncture.”  Seems “Dubya” didn’t learn prudence or restraint from Daddy Bush now did he?  But hell, when you’re brought up on tangerine trees and later meet God in the marmalade skies, you just can’t help it if sometimes, delusion and grand illusion is your reality. 


Freelance writer / author, Ed Haas, is the editor and columnist for the Muckraker Report.  Get smart.  Read the Muckraker Report.  [http://teamliberty.net]  To learn more about Ed’s current and previous work, visit Crafting Prose.  [http://craftingprose.com]   

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