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Did Capitol Police provoke Rep. McKinney?

Did Capitol Police provoke Rep. McKinney?


April 1, 2006 – On Thursday, March 30th the Fascist Opinion Exchange, or as they refer to themselves, Fox News, reported that Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, D-GA punched a Capitol Police officer in the chest.  Fox claims to have unnamed “sources” that tell the tale of McKinney bypassing a security checkpoint, being asked repeatedly to stop and walk through the metal detector, ignoring the officer’s request, which lead to the Capitol Police Officer “placing his hand on McKinney’s shoulder”.  The Fox News “source” goes on to say that after the officer placed his hand on McKinney’s shoulder, she turned around and hit the officer in the chest with her cell phone.  God I hope her cell phone is OK! 


In a statement issued by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on the day of the incident, March 29, 2006, she described her encounter with a Capitol Hill Police Officer as an “unfortunate confrontation”.  McKinney pointed out that “it is the expectation of most Members of Congress that Capitol Hill Police officers know who they are.”  Fascist Opinion X-change (Fox) News acknowledged that at about 2:30 p.m. EST, McKinney entered the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill, and went around the metal detector, which is customary for lawmakers.[1]


The Associated Press account of the McKinney scuffle described it as a dustup with a Capitol Police officer.  The AP referred to the “source” by saying that “according to one account, McKinney then struck the officer”.  The Muckraker Report contacted Capitol Police spokesperson, Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, in an attempt to verify whether McKinney actually punched, hit, or struck a Capitol Police officer.  I asked Sgt. Schneider the name of the officer that McKinney allegedly struck in the chest with her cell phone.  Schneider said, “I would never tell you that”.  When asked if the officer involved was new to the post and therefore unlikely to recognize a member of Congress, Schneider said, “I cannot comment because this is an ongoing investigation.” 


These types of government / police responses to the press have become so commonplace in the United States that they are rapidly being accepted as standard operational procedures, which is oppressive and absolutely unacceptable in a free society with a free press.  There should be a law against the government’s excessive usage of the “ongoing investigation” answer to basic questions like the name of a police officer involved in some type of confrontation with a member of Congress.  The federal government should only be granted ten “ongoing investigation – get out of a press conference / interview cards” per year.  Maybe that would knock the bastards off their self-righteous high horses and remind them that they are elected or hired to be forthcoming public servants that operate in the light of the day, and not shadowy public masters that operate in the dead of the night to keep the people in the dark. 

[1] Fox News, Capitol Police Probe Rep. McKinney Incident, March 30, 2006, http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,189553,00.html, [Accessed March 31, 2006]

What’s the big secret, and what on God’s green earth is there to investigate anyhow?  It’s real simple.  Did McKinney hit a Capitol Police officer?  Yes or no?  If yes, what was his name?  Regardless of whether she hit him or not, why can’t the press contact him so that we can hear his side of the story?  We’re not talking about a secret agent here.  We’re talking about a security guard!   If McKinney didn’t hit the officer, what did she do?  Did she push or shove him?  Did he forcefully grab her shoulder?  Did he grab her shoulder from behind to the degree that she didn’t she it coming?  Did his placing his hand on her shoulder startle her?  Was she walking briskly towards her office or destination?  Were there many other people in the area of the metal detector?  Is it possible that she didn’t realize that the officer was speaking to her since it is commonplace for members of Congress to “walk around” metal detectors in this building? 

Why this incident is interesting to the Muckraker Report has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not McKinney pushed, shoved, punched, or hit anybody.  It is interesting to the Muckraker Report because of who McKinney is in the scheme of things in Washington DC.  Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is one of the most, it not the most vocal and outspoken member of Congress that is aggressively challenaging the government’s account of 9/11. 

On September 9th, 2004, McKinney acted as the Commissioner for the The Citizens' Commission on 9/11. On Oct. 26, 2004, she was among 100 prominent Americans and 40 family members of those killed on 9/11, that signed the 9/11 Truth Movement statement calling for new investigations into the still unexplained aspects of the 9/11 events including allegations of US intelligence failures to act on warnings of upcoming attacks, the breakdown or suspension of military air defenses, and many other disturbing omissions and distortions found in the 9/11 Commission Report.  This has not made McKinney popular on Capitol Hill, which from the view of the Muckraker Report, is to her credit!

It is important to point out that McKinney has served in the U.S. Congress for over ten years now.  She is not some new face on Capital Hill.  Unless the officer involved in this incident was new to the post and working it absent of a more experienced guard who would, and should have easily recognized McKinney, a scenerio which is highly unlikely, there is simply no reason for his not recognizing the Congressman from Georgia’s 4th District.  After all, she is an African-American woman serving in the U.S. Congress.  She just doesn’t look like most of her colleagues, so the “didn’t recognize her” story just doesn’t add up. 

For those who eagerly trust the federal government, suggesting that McKinney might have been purposely harassed or singled out by the Capitol Police for her aggressive approuch to uncover a 9/11 cover-up if a 9/11 cover-up exists, might seem perposterous.  However, the Muckraker Report believes that certain elements of the federal government are capable of even the most unfathonable acts and KGB style fear tactics carried out in Cold War secrecy .  As such, I’d rather disbelieve everything the government and its police have to say and later learn I was wrong, than to blindly trust their talking heads like Sgt. Kimberly Schneider only to later discover that I was their fool.  One thing is certain about McKinney that cannot be denied.  There are many in the intelligence / law enforcement community, Congress, and White House that would like nothing more than to have Cynthia McKinney silenced once and for all.  How they accomplish this, whether on election day or another day, is of little concern to those who just want her to shut up and go away. 

Freelance writer / author, Ed Haas, is the editor and columnist for the Muckraker Report.  Get smart.  Read the Muckraker Report.  [http://teamliberty.net]  To learn more about Ed’s current and previous work, visit Crafting Prose.  [http://craftingprose.com]   

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