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Dubai Ports Deal and Neal Bush

Dubai Ports Deal and Neal Bush


March 1, 2006 – As Americans debate the merits of the United Arab Emirates – Dubai owned company, DP World taking over the management of six U.S. ports, the real story to be told is not whether the port deal will compromise national security, but rather how the Bush financial dynasty has, is, or will profit from the deal.  The Bush Dy-nasty is the tale of an amassed, decades old family fortune wrought with nasty business dealings at the expense of others, which can be easily traced back to Prescott Bush, and his financial alliance with Germany during World War II.  Prescott Bush was the director and shareholder of the Union Banking Corporation (UBC), which on October 20, 1942, under the Trading With the Enemy Act, had all of its shares seized because it was illegally providing American capital to finance the reorganization of German industry under the Nazi regime. 


According to Dallas policy analyst, Richard Draheim, among the companies financed by UBC was the Silesian-American Corporation, which was also managed by Prescott Bush, and his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker.  In his report, The Bush Nazi Connection, Draheim wrote:


The company was vital in supplying coal to the Nazi war industry.  It too was seized (under the U.S. Trading With the Enemy Act) on November 17, 1942.  The largest company Bush’s UBC helped finance was the German Steel Trust, which was responsible for between one-third and one-half of Nazi iron and explosives.[1] 


The point in making this reference is not to suggest that Prescott Bush or his partner, George Herbert Walker, were Nazi sympathizers, although they may have been, but rather to demonstrate that when it comes to building and increasing the Bush family fortune, profit trumps principles – no matter what.  It’s in their blood so to speak.  To call the entire multi-generational Bush clan, unscrupulous profiteers, is factually creditable. 


Enter Neil Bush.  Here’s a man with a record of unethical and illegal business activities that would have made Al Capone blush with lust and envy.  How Neil Bush escaped prison for his failed Silverado Savings & Loan escapades is yet another story of Bush clan cronyism and the grossly unfair usage of power to corrupt and protect their own at the expense of others.  What’s even more abrasive and unattractive about the son of one president and the brother of the current president is the fact that after screwing the American taxpayer out of $1.3 billion in the 1980’s, Neil Bush continues to maintain the he was and remains the victim in the S&L debacle, even to this day. 

According to the Washington Post Staff Writer, Peter Carlson, in his article, The Relatively Charmed Life of Neil Bush[2]:

Bush proclaimed his innocence, declaring at a news conference that "self-serving regulators" were persecuting him because he was the president's son. But when he appeared before the House Banking Committee in 1990, he admitted that some of his deals looked "a little fishy."

Ultimately, Bush paid $50,000 as his part of a federal lawsuit against Silverado and was reprimanded by the OTS. Good and Walters ended up declaring bankruptcy, and JNB, which had never found oil or made money, quietly perished.

"I happened to be one of hundreds of other American businessmen and women who served as an outside director on the board of a savings and loan institution that failed during the 1980s," he writes in e-mail. "I regret that the institution's failure cost taxpayers so much money."

This is a typical Bush clan response to the writing on the wall - denial, denial, and more denial.  Present anyone of them with the glass is half empty, glass is half full argument, and if it is in their financial interest, they’ll up the ante and argue that the glass itself doesn’t even exist, while drinking from it!  In short, if a Bush says, “read my lips” you had better watch his ass because if his lips are moving – he’s lying, stealing, plotting, and deceiving his way into more loot for the family fortune or the fortunes of his closest supporters / henchmen.  Just look at how the 41st President of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush, only ninety days out of office, carted two of his sons, Neil and Marvin, over to Kuwait so that they could capitalize on the then savior status of their father, and gather for themselves, the spoils of the Gulf War.  If you would like to learn more about how the Bush clan profited from the Gulf War, a great article on this topic appeared in the September 6, 1993 addition of The New Yorker.[3]  It’s as if Daddy Bush created the spoils of war blueprint for Dubya and passed it own through the generational dark-side mediums – Cheney and Rumsfeld, which might explain why invading Iraq for what now amounts to no valid reason whatsoever, occurred.


So what has Neil Bush been up to since regretting that his horrendous business skills and criminal banking activities cost the U.S. taxpayer $1.3 billion?  Scheming like only Neil Bush can do, that’s what, but only craftier.  To get inside of the mind of Neil Bush after the Silverado Savings & Loan heist requires an examination of his master plan to capitalize on the Bush name in Kuwait shortly after American troops beat Saddam Hussein and Iraqi troops back into Baghdad.  According to the Seymour Hersh article[4]: 


Neil was doing far more than merely trying to help two Houston firms obtain business, according to American and European financial analysts who have been directly involved in studying the energy issue in Kuwait.  These analysts, who have direct knowledge, report that Neil, upon returning to Kuwait in late April, attempted to make a deal involving the highly profitable management aspects of the Ministry of Electricity and Water’s power-plant deals.  The financial analysts said that Neil, operating out of the International Hotel in Kuwait City, was proposing a complicated arrangement that, in the end, would provide for commissions to be paid.  Those who have seen the draft contract said that it called for a new company, owned jointly by the foreign and the local members of the Enron consortium, to be established in Kuwait.  That new company, in turn, would be owned in part by another new company, set up, for tax purposes, in the Caribbean or some other tax haven.  The offshore firm would have various owners, in Europe and elsewhere, one of which would be a company in which Neil Bush had an interest.  The offshore firm would then contract with its owners for various services, and each would receive a percentage of the funds that Enron received.  “So if I were putting the deal together and you asked me if I got a commission, I’d say no,” one financial expert explained.  “Because I don’t have a commission directly on the main job – I have a commission paid by the main foreign contractor.  Basically, Kuwait pays the Kuwait company, which is owned in part by a Caribbean company, a fee to manage, and the Caribbean company then contracts out to its owners for service.  And between those owners there’s a commission paid. 


This is just one example of how Neil Bush operates in his pursuit of other people’s money – money for nothing at the expense of others.  Call it what you may, but these schemes of his are crooked. 


Enter the Carlyle Group – a private equity investment firm in which President Bush (41) once served as senior advisor.  The oil-rich United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a major investor in the Carlyle Group.  In 2005, the Dubai International Capital invested $8 billion in a Carlyle fund.  The Bush Dynasty has a long history of financial dealings with the UAE. 


Enter the United Arab Emirates.  Beyond investing in the Carlyle Group and donating $1 million to the Bush 41 Presidential Library, Neil Bush gets money from the UAE, sometimes directly, more often indirectly.  As his Kuwait commission scheme revealed, Neil prefers to now create a few layers of insulation for himself when confiscating other people’s wealth.  What we do know is that Neil Bush has been paid $60,000 a year for a few hours work by Syrian-American Ba'athist Jamal Daniel, and his firm Crest Investment.  Daniel’s is also involved in a venture called New Bridge Strategies, which reportedly helps companies win contracts for reconstruction of Iraq.  Neil Bush stomps for Daniels in the Middle East – plain and simple.  As Dubya bombs it, Neil profits by “selling” the rebuilding of it.  And when one Bush profits – they all profit.  Unethical and conflict of interest do not adequately describe this process.  One thing is for certain though, as the American middle-class and poor send their sons and daughters into war, the Bush Bandits are raking in the spoils of war over spilt American blood on Middle East sand.


According to the Emirates News Agency, Neil Bush visited the United Arab Emirates and met with Dubai Crown Prince, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on October 7, 2000, and in October and November 2001.  It is also known that Neil Bush was in the UAE in 2002 trying to secure financing for another Bush venture – an educational software company called Ignite! Inc.  Ignite! Inc. is a private company headquartered in Austin, TX.  Neil Bush is listed as the Chairman and CEO.  As of February 16, 2001, Ignite! Inc. had raised $10 million from private investors.[5]  Whether any of the initial or additional investment capital obtained for this particular Neil Bush venture came from Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, which has been recently granted by President Bush, the right to manage six U.S. ports, is unknown, but, based on the Bush family financial dealings track record, very plausible, and is currently being suggested by many alternative news sources.


The people deserve to know the truth behind the Dubai port deal.  If Neal Bush has brokered a kickback scheme that will eventually, whether directly of indirectly, increase the Bush family fortune, then Americans should be hell bent on finding out about it.  No doubt, Neal Bush has proven himself to be untrustworthy enough times that to ask him to open up his financial and travel records in an effort to clear him of any wrongdoing or unethical activities associated with the DP World port deal is not an unreasonable request at this time.  When was the last time Neal Bush was in Dubai or spoke to anybody associated with the Dubai port deal?  These are the questions that the press should be asking right now, and so should the U.S. Congress, yet they are not.  Instead the people who should be dedicated to ferreting out the truth by following the money trail; real truths are always found by following the money, the people that should be investigating the money trail are busy analyzing whether the management of six U.S. ports by an United Arab Emirate company, DP World, compromises our nation’s security. 


The national security issue related to the Dubai port deal is, in my opinion, most likely a smokescreen or political stunt. Here we are in 2006, living in the forcefully United Police States of America, where law enforcement at every level now goes where it wants, whenever it wants, to do to whomever it wants, whatever it wants, with no constitutional restraints remaining on them whatsoever, and the politicians and political pundits would have the American people now believe that the U.S. Gestapo Agents employed by the Department of Homeland Security (I actually feel nauseous whenever I am forced to acknowledge that the land of the free now has a Department of Homeland Security) will not be hyper in their scrutiny of the DP World managed ports, is just ridiculous.  Based on the police state mentality that now exists in the United States, I’ll argue that the DP World ports will be the safest ports operating in the United States – but before I do, I want to know how and when the Bush Dynasty is going to profit from the deal.  Is that too much for an American to ask? 


Where is Neil Bush right now?  Who did he receive funds from in the last 36 months?  How much money came from the United Arab Emirates?  When was the last time he spoke with the President?  When was the last time he was in the UAE?  When was he last in Dubai?  When was the last time he met with anybody that is even remotely associated with Dubai or DP World?  Is there a kickback scheme that the American people should know about, and does any member of the occupied mainstream media or U.S. Congress have the intestinal fortitude and patriotism to ask, uncover, discover, and disclose to the American people, the absolute truth about the Dubai port deal?  One thing is for certain; we the people will not learn the truth from a talking, burning Bush. 

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Freelance writer / author, Ed Haas, is the editor and columnist for the Muckraker Report.  Get smart.  Read the Muckraker Report.  [http://teamliberty.net]  To learn more about Ed’s current and previous work, visit Crafting Prose.  [http://craftingprose.com]   

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